47 Billion Shots Were Fired In The Battlefield 3 Beta

Time for some fun with numbers! With the open beta for Battlefield 3 now over, developers DICE and publishers EA have shared some stats from the slaughterthon.

It's the really big ones that grab you first, like 47 billion shots being fired, 1.5 billion kills being recorded or over 8 million players taking part.

But take a second look at that headshot figure. Someone shot another player's head off from 635 metres away. My hat is off to you, sir/madam, on the proviso you don't shoot my head from half a city away while I tip it.

One number missing, but one I'd love to see, is number of recorded users complaining they didn't get enough time on Caspian Border. It probably gives the "shots fired" tally a run for its money.

Battlefield 3 Open Beta wrapup, or How many jets can you build from the bullets we fired? [Battlefield]


    Wheres the stat about how many people forgot it was a beta?

      It's in the first image there: "8,125,130 users played our demo"

        Absolutely - you don't play a beta, you participate. I keep saying it, but the promotions were incredibly misleading.

        Sir, that is the best response ive read all day +1

    How about a stat for those that had a bug when trying to play the beta...

    "You are not of legal age and are not allowed to play the beta".

    Even though I've been an xbox live customer since launch, am 35 years old and use my own credit card with my own xbox live ID for yearly subscription.

    Oh also I don't have any parental controls on. The BF/EA/XBL website(s) simply would not let me login to update any incorrect details or linkage they had.

    Quite sad really!

      You sound like you're only 15, maybe that's why?

      Can you grow a beard?

      If yes: That sucks, they need to fix it.

      If no: You are a man-baby. Step away from the play thing.

    it would of been interesting if they told how many on each platform?

    I didn't really get a chance to play the beta because I'd always get disconnected from EA servers. Xbox beta was swell.

    It would have been intredasting if...

    No, wait, it's on Origin. Fuck that.

    Longest headshot recorded: 635.6 Metres.

    BS I have an actual phone camera picture of my 718M one. =[

    I got to level 37 or 38. Funnily enough thats my BFBC2 level.

    Has anyone seen this awesome set up?


      That's just epic.

      always thought that's where gaming should head. but damned paintball guns is something else.

      That's where motion gaming should be going, with stuff like the tread mills which mean you actually have to move to play.

      Every gamer would be fit as a fiddle

    wheres the stats for human jets

    Hmm well technically that number of players is incorrect because i played it on PC and Xbox so...

    btw it sucks on xbox compared to PC.

      Interested in what way the PC version is better. My PC would collapse and die so currently it's either Xbox version or nothing.

      And don't tell me Keyboard > Controller. If that's the only reason, I'm not interested!

        Maps are bigger and the max player count is double that of the console versions. And, yeah, the keyboard/mouse thing.

          Couch > Computer chair.

            Xbox that plays game > PC that doesn't play game

            My PC's plugged into my 50inch :P PC RULE!

      Thanks for the interesting read there andy! Next time remove your pc (keyboard & mouse too!) from your ass before you throw this shit you call a post at us.

    I played the DEMO (I'm being honest, if EA isn't) for about an hour. It was so glitchy and unpolished, but somehow a lot of fun and quite satisfying. Not sure how that works. Anyway, I wasn't interested in playing any more.

    I really hope they have enough time in, oh, 10 minutes, that they've got before the game goes gold to actually add some polish.

      Well it's not really a demo when they give us outdated code to play with, with the intention of testing their servers for the inevitable launch of the game. If it was a demo they'd have given us the up-to-date code.

        My concern is that it WAS the up to date code.

          The Alpha was less buggy then the Beta was even with its hidden walls...

          You're a moron or a troll, or both.

          To get the BETA on to XBL and PSN they had a 4-6 week lead time for certification.. that means the beta that released 3 weeks ago is right now up to 9 week old code..

          In several interviews DICE have stated this and made it clear that the beta was primarily for testing server load and some of the new systems in the game.. All the gaming press that have seen recent builds are saying its much tighter as well..

          If you choose to call this BS and the beta a demo then that's fine.. but you'll look pretty ignorant doing it.

          Even if the game has already gone gold that's a long time for bug fixing and polishing. Origin also means they could have a day one patch and be polishing right up to release.. consoles may be a different story though..

          Early beta access promos and such may give some merit to the argument that EA's marketing was misleading, but a beta is and always has been a BETA.. I, and most other people understood this. If you were expecting tightly polished code then that's you're problem.

            Wow, so I didn't watch all the developer videos therefore I'm a troll or a moron or both.

            Get a life loser.

              Shooting your mouth off about it being a demo when it clearly wasn't. Then, scare mongering that they have "10 minutes" left to fix it, all without having your facts straight does in fact make you look like a moron..

              As for where my facts are coming from.. Interviews posted on this very site, you know, the one you seem to read also..

              See, I too was disappointed with the beta, so my approach was to read information available. Information that I found to be sincere and reliable.. turns out its possible to do this and have a life at the same time.. I'll be sure not to take your insinuations of my being a fanboy to heart.

                Don't know why you're being an idiot about it. I haven't been following this game as closely as you.

                Anyway: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/10/why-both-gamers-and-the-press-play-old-code-close-to-a-games-release.ars

                  He is not being an idiot...you are, by throwing around accusations about a game that you have clearly not done any research on.
                  You have made yourself look like the fool that you clearly are.
                  Goodday sir.

                  Despite Rob backing me up, I was being a bit of a dick..

                  The link you posted was a good read.. I'm glad you went and did a bit of reading for yourself..

                  Can I assume you no longer think of it as a demo?

    even though it was a demo i still had a great time on the PS3, i can't wait to start playing my support/RPK combo again!

    FUCK YEAH BF3 wankers dont know shit about the difference between a old version of the game and later code ... man people piss me off if the pc version played anywhere near as poorly as the beta on the final version of the beta everyone would take there copies back to the shop .. waiting to the 27th to prove motherfrickers wrong





      Perhaps if your grasp on the English language was larger than the terms 'wankers' and 'motherfrickers', you may have been able to not only establish the point that you wished to convey, but also do it in a respectful and educated manner.

        HELLO SAM

    How about the number of people who attempted to play the game but couldn't due to the number of horrible bugs, glitches and lag?

    Here I was thinking consoles had the fact they were a closed and standardised system in their favour?


    and there was 1 angry B-Funk, who which the BETA never worked properly for :(

    game wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I think KZ2 was a far better experience on the console.

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