49% Of Gamers Don't Buy Downloadable Content

An Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) report has released figures showing that 49% of gamers in the marketplace still aren't purchasing downloadable content for HD consoles. The report cites that privacy concerns, along with issues of cost and a lack of an ability to return the content are among the major reasons for the slow uptake of paid for DLC.

Interestingly, despite the fact a number of consumers cited privacy issues, EEDAR are claiming that the PSN hacking incident actually had very little effect on the statistics.

However, EEDAR’s survey data does not suggest that the PSN incident had a major impact on consumer privacy concerns. EEDAR’s survey was conducted before and after the official announcement of the breach. When comparing the responses prior to and after the breach, the results were within 4 points of the overall average (47%). In addition, privacy concerns of Xbox 360 owners and PlayStation 3 owners remained within 5 percentage points of each other after the breach.

Personally, I tend to not buy add-on DLC, even if the content promises compelling new content. I'm usually happy with the experience of the boxed games themselves. The one exception for me was the Episodes from Liberty City content, which felt like complete new games as opposed to add on content.

You can read the full report here.

What about you folks - do you commonly pick up DLC through your PSN and 360? Let us know in the comments below.


    I will buy it, but as the pricing is invariably uncompetitive I tend to be picky about what I get.

    Decent expansions like Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare were both well worth it.

    But microtransactions like weapon reskins and horse armor? No thanks.

    If things go on sale I tend to be a little less picky. This is when I buy map packs but only if I play the game a lot.

    Silly title for the article....if 49% of gamers arent buying dlc, that means 51% ARE! Pretty sure, if I still understand fractions, that over half of people playing games do purchase dlc.

      Truly I toyed with both! But I think it's a bad number for DLC. And the report says as much.

        I'd love to know the demegraphics frankly. Is this the same group who play facebook games?
        Are these numbers skewed by the number of netflix only users?
        Is streaming media counted as DLC?

    Good, let's try and get that % up higher!

    I dont, and doubt I ever will.

    I'll only buy DLC if I loved the original game, but even then the extras need to be worth the money.

    I cant bloody help myself. Do I want a pink retro lancer in Gears of War 3? You bet I do! Do I want the 1965 Pontiac GTO in Forza 4? Load me up!

    I've found all of the fallout DLC to be well worth it too!

      Yea, good call. The fallout 3 stuff was gold. I am yet to get any new vegas DLC, is that any good?

        Kinda hit and miss. The last one they released was really good so I suggest just getting that one

    I'm happy enough with buying games or downloading free content, like the content included with ME2, but it takes something special to make me pay for extra content.
    I may get around to buying the last chapter of Alan Wake at some stage.

      Pretty much this. I'll only purchase DLC if the game rocked my socks enough.

    Too much DLC around these days, we're spoilt for choice (first world problem I know), with little time to go through it all. The catwoman one with Arkham City for example, even though it was pointless, it's designed to make you feel like you're getting something extra.

    The thing is everyone gets it, so why even bother making us put in the code? Just put it with the boxed game, you're not fooling anyone, and it only created more issues on the release.

    Large scale DLC I'm all for, like Red Dead Redemption for example. The pissy little ones like costumes and what not can go EAD.

      I think DLC like the CatWoman add-on is to deter the 2nd hand market. If you bought the game 2nd hand you wouldn't get the code, but luckily they will let you buy the code again :)

    Nope, hardly ever.

    A lot of it is priced too high, although the SR2 extra missions and content were pretty decent.

    I only buy DLC that provides actual playable content rather than cosmetic changes.

    DLC just makes the equation for piracy more appealing. Even ignoring the price of software piracy of DLC still looks good.
    Buy Game - Slotted on Price
    Install game - Slotted by DRM
    Play game - Unfinished without paying for DLC
    Buy DLC - Slotted on Cost

    Pirating DLC:
    Buy Game - Slotted on Price
    Install game - Crack away DRM
    Play game - Unfinished without paying for DLC
    Pirate DLC - get full game for the box price

    Given that we (Australians) are still getting taken for a ride on price, is it any wonder that DLC piracy is an issue?

    There needs to be a point when gaming companies decide that treating their customers like crap isn't working. Especially when the pirates are sitting there offering all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

    My 360 still isn't even connected up to Live. I live in the past.
    I do have some DLC, though, on my PC. But only 'cause it came packaged in with the game.

    Nope. Usually play single player games and if DLC comes out at the same time as the game then I feel ripped off. When it comes out later I've moved on to something else. Also pricing..

    word of advice, do not buy multiplayer DLC for games that aren't extremely popular. Before long you find the community has moved to the next COD game and no-one plays the multiplayer. (i got done by Red Faction Guerilla DLC)

    I'll buy single player DLC's, they're just like shorter expansion packs from 10 years ago.

    I do not buy cosmetic DLC.

    It has to be good enough, that GTA DLC is a good example. I get it all on PC, but only the extra levels and stuff, not skins. I think i got all the DLC for Borderlands, which was worthy, all the GTA, Mafia 2 DLC, again, very worthy. More recently I did get the DiRT 3 DLC tracks, but opted out of the car packs. If the Dead Island DLC is a new aea, I will probably get that too. But yea it has to have a bit of meat on it for me to grab it.

    I'm not sure privacy is actually the main reason. Sounds like an excuse to me.

    I hardly ever do, for two very specific reasons:

    1) I like my media. I want the disk, period. I have little faith on online DRM schemes that will tie the content to a machine that may die. I know both Sony and Microsoft allow for content transfer, but I still don't trust them. And Ninty just doesn't

    2) I usually don't care for game add-ons. I play the off the shelf game thoroughly, often getting 100%. By the time I'm done, I'm ready to move to the next game. Why would I buy more content if I'm not done with the one I bought? Exceptions can be made for particular games like oblivion, where after 100%ing (is that a word?) the game I still wanted more. That is very unusual and even then I tracked down a physical copy of Shivering Islands.

      The content isn't tied to a machine, it's tied to your online account; when you get a replacement console you can just redownload the content and you're good to go.

      I'm pretty much with #1 here. I'm a collector, so I believe in making my purchases and amassing a big fat horrible collection. I like the idea that once I lay down money for a game, it's there for me to play forever. But with soft copies, it's kind of... not really there. If something goes wrong with a hard drive or the console dies, then where does it go? And sure, everyone says "you can just download it again to your account", but will I still be able to do that 15 years down the track? I don't like this dependence on an outside party at all (the same reason I hate games requiring internet connection to play, and the lack of LAN options in multiplayer gaming), I like my collection to be self-sufficient.

      Also digital stuff just doesn't seem to have any value to me. I got gifted a copy of Mega Man 9 back around when it came out, after winning a competition with Wii Points as the prize. I love Mega Man, but to this day I still haven't touched the game. It just doesn't register in my mind as being something I own and should play, unlike all the other games sitting on my shelf.

    I think the only DLC that I've paid for are the GTA4 episodes, and the Uncharted comic (Eyes of Indra). I don't need the extra weapons or cars in my games, and I definitely am not paying for alternate costumes/palette swaps that don't affect gameplay.

    I don't buy anything on the PS3 (not after the hack).

    I've bought DLC on Steam a few times, but only for games I love. has to be cheap and worth it tho.

    Typically I'll buy it for Indie games.

    I always buy story DLC when I want more of a game I have enjoyed. I bought all the DLC for Fallout 3 (and I think this is the first time I did that), I bought all the DLC for Mass Effect 2, and all the DLC for fallout New Vegas. I also buy map packs for any game I play a lot of multiplayer, so I bought maps for Halo 3, Halo Reach and Modern Warfare 2, but not Gears of War 1 or 2 or Call of Duty Black Ops.

    There are games I have not bought DLC for, not because I felt the DLC itself was unecessary, but because I didn't feel like the game was worth the extra money, like Fable 2 & 3.

    I'm seriously considering the Deus Ex DLC, but I will probably wait for a sale - I don't want to boot up Deus Ex just to do DLC so I'll get it when I'm doing my next playthrough... which proably won't happen until next year.

    A lot of people seem to think the same as me. I only buy (single-player) new content DLC, like extra levels, etc. Even then, only if I really liked the original game.

    Come to think of it, the only DLC I've actually bought would be the extra Valkyria Chronicles missions and the LA Noire cases.

    For me its not price or value but simply time. With work, family and other parts of my life I have so little for games these days I find it hard enough finishing just the boxed content of games I want to play.

    If I added DLC my pile of shame would blow out exponentially and its already ridiculous.

    Nope. I've only ever paid for DLC once, and that was for Mass Effect 1.

    I do tend to get the free DLC, but i am usually pretty loathe to pay for extensions to a game i have already paid for, unless it reealllly adds something.

    I like most DLC that goes up for most games as long as it seems that it is priced right. I have never bought cosmetic DLC except for SP games that i REALLY like and it was very cheap.

    I really enjoy DLC that adds to the story in a significant way- Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, Arkham City etc... Would i buy 3 new maps on COD or Halo for 800-1,200 points though? No.

    Got totally hooked on Mass Effect 2 DLC. Ended up getting all of them (except for the last one because I heard it was a waste of money). Never got any of those appearance/weapon packs though. I’ve kept one of the DLC’s aside so I can play in the lead up weeks for ME3 to get me back in practice.

    I wonder what the figures are for PC players? Do we tend to buy more DLC because we're used to digital downloads? Also, how much would TF2 hats affect this figure? :P

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