$6.6m In Fines Issued Against Video Game 'Pirates'

The Paris' Court of Appeals last week issued €4.8 million ($6.6 million) in fines against a half-dozen companies importing and selling devices that can be used on Nintendo platforms to play homebrew and pirated games, Electronic Theater reports.

The report calls these devices "linkers" but says they're also know as R4 cards or Magicom. The court imposed more than €460,000 ($633,000) in criminal fines, damages payable to Nintendo in excess of €4.8 million and, in some instances, ordered suspended prison terms.

That last thing means: Do it again and you could go to prison.


    And then everyone smoked cigrettes.

    This is one of the reasons why I hate pirates, they cause issues for homebrew developers :(

    then the judge was like i would force you to pay but im le tired

    Fine zen take a nap, ZEN TAKE ALL THERE MONEYS

    Last I heard, R4 cards aren't actually illegal in and of themselves. Has this changed?

      the cards are just a form of storage device, i can't see it being possible to illegalize them, so i bet you can still get them. This is a waste of time, pirating is here to stay lol welcome to the internet.

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