6 Minutes With Rage's Lethal Pet Bots, Ballistic Bliss

I'm still chugging my way through Rage, but so far I've grown quite attached to a game that feels like it comes into its own over the course of its dozen-hour-or-so campaign.

What I'm experiencing now nine hours in or so is very different from the Xbox 360 game and it's play in those first three hours I wrote about a month ago.

This video attempts to tackle some of what I've experienced in the game in the way of weapons, ammo, enemies, mini-games, driving, shooting and those cluttered settings. The video can't really do the game justice, in particular it doesn't really deal with all of the different sorts of behaviours you'll come across when taking on the myriad of enemies.

Make sure you only watch this video if you're prepared to see an awful lot of the game, though not really any plot points.


    Is that texture pop or is that just the video screwing up?

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