A Boy And His Blob, Animated

We tend to see a lot of Mario and Zelda fan art, but rarely we do we such gorgeous comics of A Boy and His Blob, let alone beautifully-drawn animated comics.

Zac Gorman is the artist behind the animated comic strip. He has also drawn and animated comics on The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Warrior.

[Magical Game Time]


    I remember loving that game as a kid, but i don't think i actually got too far in the game.

      You should grab a copy of the Wii version. It's really great.

    truly stunning work
    regrettably yet to play
    soon my pretty, soon...

      Hey there Chuloopa
      I'm impressed with your haikus
      Keep up the good work

        no valley high 'nuff
        aint no valley low enough
        to stop my haiku

          I would like to join
          In on this haiku action
          Rats I'm out of time

    I loved the new one.

    Almost made me cry near the end there. Such a shame that you can only see that bit the one time, then never again unless you start a new file.

    At the age of six
    I tried to give it a shot
    But the game is hard

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