A Deeper Look At Call Of Duty Elite's Compete Support

The sort-of free, sort-of not Call of Duty Elite community and website service has a lot of moving parts. Here's a look at one of those: The game's Compete features.


    Those guys almost look like they consider it worth the cash, but not quite.

      The DLC does make it worth it... It's like pre-paying and getting a few added bonuses. I wouldn't be surprised if the DLC separately cost more than the elite subscription for a year.

    I thought I could do almost all of that in the last 3 Call of Duty's?

    Wow, a hat!

    Im seriously not trolling and I know how the BF3 v MW3 fanobism has been going down.. but I honestly didn't realise how far behind BF that COD actually was..

    Those graphics are way behind what BF is offering, and to top it off they want $60 for a system where the best feature they can spruke is earning 'badges' to justify the trash talk that some COD players jerk themselves to..

    There is nothing 'elite' about it. It's kinda sad really..

    Even the featured devs reeked of people who had been handed arguably the most popular franchise in modern gaming, yet had NFI what they were doing. I didn't believe for a second that they truly had any passion or confidence for the crap falling from their mouths..

    'You might suck at the game but can do hilarious stuff in videos'.. You too can win a prize! Really?

    Money grab detected!

    I'll stick with the game by itself thanks.
    I don't want people to know what a sh*t player I am on the internet.

    O Wait..

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