A New 3DS Game With Four Games In It, Made By Four Different Creators

In movies, it’s not unheard of for several famous movie directors to team up, each contributing a short film to a larger motion picture. There are several examples, like New York Stories and Four Rooms. In gaming, it’s rather uncommon.

Level-5, the studio behind Professor Layton, is releasing a new 3DS title called Guild 01. The game is comprised of four different titles made by four different game designers.

There’s Kaihou Shojo, a shooting game from Goichi Suda of No More Heroes fame. In the game, which is set in the future, Japan elects a schoolgirl as president. The girl’s father was president of Neo-Japan, but was assassinated.

In the game, the schoolgirl pilot a 11-meter hight robot. Players use the touch pen to control the bot. The game features animation from anime studio Bones.

The next game in Guild 01 is Rental Bukiya de Omasse, which is a role-playing game created by Japanese comedians American Zarigani. Kotaku previously featured American Zarigani, who appear in Ni no Kuni. In the game, you are an arms dealer and you create new weapons, lending them out to those going on adventures.

Another game in Guild 01 is Air Porter from Yoot Saito, who is best known for either Seaman or Odama. It’s a sim, and in Air Porter, you are responsible for baggage.

Then, there’s Crimson Shroud, which is a fantasy action role-playing game from game designer Yasumi Matsuno, who previously designed Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII.

Guild 01 will feature all four of these games on one cartridge and be out next year in Japan.



(Top photo: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku)

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