A Special Message For Battlefield 3 Campers

A Special Message For Battlefield 3 Campers
Tom Antos, the man behind the crossbow-laden Skyrim fan film we featured last month, teams up with rap artist DeStorm to deliver a special message to folks that are considering finding a nice quite spot to camp on when Battlefield 3 launches next week.

You know the people they’re talking about here. The ones that immediately ran down to the lakeside during the Battlefield 3 beta and crouched down with their sniper rifles, thinking themselves so clever. The first place I went every time I spawned was right down there, swimming my way up behind them to take them out before I had to see them on the kill cam. I hate those fuckers.

Campers Be Warned [YouTube]

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  • I don’t really understand the hate aimed at snipers who “camp”. It’s kinda the whole point of being a sniper…

    • Because this isn’t counter strike. It doesn’t matter if you die or how many times you die. You don’t win by having the highest k:d ratio. You need to take objectives.

      • Who said anything about KD ratio. I play sniper in BF2 because it’s a handy support class. You can keep your team informed on enemy movements, pick off those trying to sneak in and cap points, keep enemies back with well place suppressing shots etc.

        • Cos no matter how good you can shoot the enemy will always spawn quicker than you can take them down. 1 or 2 snipers on the team is alright for support.

        • …..and run around the map knifing everyone in the back and no-scoping at point blank range. It is mad fun to be a RECON 😀

      • I dont know which counter strike you played but camping as a sniper when you are supposed to be planting the bomb or rescuing hostages doesnt really work because good teams dont push up they just wait for you to come

    • Campers are only anoying if your whole team are snipers and your the only one at the capture point. I tend to play as a hyperactive suicide soldier, I like having a couple of campers sitting pack watching my back. I do occasionally try camping but I just suck at it for some reason.

      • Only one side has an objective though, crossing the bridge as T on aztec was basically impossible if the CTs chose to lock it down.

    • Um, there’s no Sniper class in Battlefield, there’s a Recon class. Whose job it is to locate and spot other enemies for his team mates. It’s the reason why they’re given a Motion Detector.

        • Yes, everybody wants to be something that isn’t fully supported in the game. If they wanted to play as a class that’s all about assisting and not getting any kills then Recon class is the good choice.

      • That’s right. It’s “recon” now. God forbid Special Forces and Sniper be their own, well thought out classes. Stupid DICE.

        • There’s probably a lot of research that went into why they made that choice and they didn’t just do it to be funny.

      • A motion detector dropped 200m away from the fighting isn’t helping anyone. Pair a shotgun/G3/VSS with the motion detector and you’ll not only be able to rack up objective points but you’ll also be helping your team with spotting enemies and getting more kills.

    • I agree with you partially, you need snipers to counter-snipe or play as a more active sniper. Also, rather than trying to get one off headshots they need to sort of spam rounds so that the opposing snipers and infantry are supressed.

    • @CyK by your logic no class should be played ever as none can take down a team faster than they can spawn.

      Sniper is very useful in both offense and defense. In BF2 I often placed in the top 3 even if I were a sniper due to being able to kill both infantry and tanks from range. You cant capture a point if its swarmed with tanks and infantry. Thus comes the sniper, clearing the path and helping assist the implantation of the explosive device.

      • I think I was speaking about rush mode specifically so there may be confusion here. But I still stand by the fact that instead of sniping from afar one could better serve the team by being part of the assaulting squads.

        A sniper acts alone, taking down one enemy at a time. The best a sniper can do is slow down the progress of the enemy while the rest of the team tries to secure these objectives. A good squad works together to take out enemies and objectives.

  • They just need to hide K/D ratio and that will solve a lot of problems. Players can still check battlelog or whatever if they want to find out how many kills they got.

  • Battlefiled, is a battle sim…
    And when your defending an objective your a “douche” for staying still.
    Ask any soilder, would he like to run into the open, or wait for the enemy to come to him?

    I understand being cut in COD coz its just a team death match with ppl running around like crazy, but camping is a legitimate defence.

    • Agreed, it is a good defence, but offensively, it sucks. One person snipes, the enemy try to snipe him then before you know it everyone is sniping and the actual objective of capturing a command post is thrown out the door. Its worse when your team sucks at sniping, yet they continue to do so.

  • I dont mind snipers. I will play a sniper myself some days but there is a definite difference between sniping and camping.

    Surveying the map from a vantage point picking off targets from a distance is sniping.

    Sitting in one spot with your cross hairs aimed at a choke point is not sniping regardless of the gun or class you use. Its camping, its lazy and if this is you all I can say is I only hope you are forever matched with other lazy campers so you can all sit in one spot not moving for the entire game waiting and waiting and waiting …

  • Nothing more annoying in MW2 then when playing Domination and idiots camp, and I’m the only one taking point. Some people even bag the crap out of me for having a K/D<1, when I'm higher on the leaderboard, because you win the game by taking points, not getting kills.

    • That’s why I loved Section 8: Prejudice. Someone can have 3x the amount of kills to you but you can have a higher score since assisting and completing objectives rewards more points and increases the overall game score and let you win.

        • Really? I’ll admit I haven’t played Homefront in months, but from what I remember a lot of players just camped kills until they got a chopper out.

          • Battle Commander awarded xp and bp’s based on team actions.
            Kills got you points, capturing, tagging and assisting all got you more.

  • This is actually a case of

    Hate the player. Not the game. haha

    The Recon class is a good class and can be valuable in all aspects of the game. But it’s the dipshit retards that feel some sense of accomplishment from killing a dozen or so opponents after 25 minutes of gameplay, where they didn’t receive a capture/defend assist point.

    Here’s a quick checklist for those not sure if they’re being a dick sniper:
    – dropping a mobile spawn point in a remote location on the map, so you can spawn back to your “lookout” position.
    – watching your squadmate who spawned on your mobile spawn, die in your FOV and not being able to find and kill the enemy player who did it.
    – not advancing on the enemy position after not being able to spot an enemy for more than a minute.
    – spending more than a minute looking for an enemy sniper.
    – not advancing after killing an enemy squad.

    If you answered yes to any of those, you’re a camping dick.

    • If it wasn’t for campers, I would have had to work to collect dogtags in BFBC2. It’s always fun running into an area of the map where a recon thinks that they’re safe and knifing them. eg. the hills of Isla Innocentes and Port Valdez.

      • A bit lame, but they should change it to when someone tags you. When you’re tagged it will remain above your head until you move some distance away. Because if somebody was to tell me there’s a sniper on an island, I would assume he would always be there until I shoot him.

  • camping is more realistic in a battlefield. people play how they want to play or what mood they are in. do these guys think they are the video game police?

    it is only as game

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