A Visual Of Australians In Video Games: The Trilogy Is Complete

Andrew Burdusel has a great habit of summing things up in a visual form, but with this piece - Australians in Video Games 3 - he has finally completed his incredible Aussies in Gaming trilogy. If you want to see a brilliant visual representation of practically every Australian character ever featured in a video game, then look no further.

And for posterity (and hilarity) I've decided to post parts one and two below...

For high res versions of the image click here, here and here!


    What about Knuckles?!

      yeah, he's a friggin' Echidna!

        I thought about putting in Knuckles. But i went for a different character in the Sonic Series

        Sheila the Racoon. She sports one of the most bogan sounding accents you will ever hear.

          Sheila is the boganest name in Australia.

            Even more so its been de-volved into 'shaz' now.

            My aunty, from West Bengal, is called Sheila.

    Are there links to versions that are shrunk down.

      I'll post up a link to a high res version in a min

    Here is a bigger version of all three http://twitpic.com/photos/Ruffleberg

    I'm pretty sure i've got every Aussie ever

    Interesting bit of info. Kano was only made Australian after the first MK movie. Before that he was American/Japanese.

    Also, I think Saxton Hale is awesome! He should be on the good part of the meter.

      They retconned his story after the movie, since Ed Boon loved the Aussie version of Kano so much.

        Yeah the guy that played him (Trevor Goddard) was rad!

        Shame he committed suicide :(

          Yea, The truth was that he actually only pretended to be Aussie to get work in Hollywood. He was actually from England. But, Kano is still Australian in the game.

            I didn't think he sounded Aussie in the movie. More "east end London". Then again, I haven't seen the movie in a long time.

              It does sound like a weird mix. Ed Boon seemed to think it was Aussie.

            Didn't know he was English. Either way, his accent was badass.

              Yea, it sucks that he did what he did. He was on the cusp of making it in Hollywood.

    Im fair sure that Kano in MK9 is meant to be Australian.

      Kano is in the first one

        Technically Kano in part one is still American. He only "became" Australian from part 2 onwards.

          I meant he was in the first list.

            Yea, he's one of the originals. He also had the best fatality (that heart ripping one)

        Ugh, my bad, didnt catch it the first time.
        The format isnt easy on my eyes.

    Was watching the episodes of JAG that had the 'Australian' bloke this morning...

    I laughed so hard at the Streets of Melbourne one.

    No diver from Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines breaks my heart.

    How about Akuma???

      I've read the theory that Akuma is Aussie and it is very convincing.

        I've read some stuff on him being Aussie as well, but all any of it proves is that he's been to Australia.

        Gouki (Akuma) and his elder brother Gouken are both confirmed by Capcom to be Japanese.

      Here it is http://www.gamerhold.com/?p=673

      It's hard to deny the evidence.

    Just got a chance to read through it. Nice work once again Mr Ruffles (I can call you that, right?)

    I'm sure there is an Australian Vampire in Vampire:The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

      Indeed there is. E, one of the thin bloods in Santa Monica.

    Sid Black Australian?

    I know it's confusing and the voice acting wasn't great either. Official description has him as a former RAF Harrier pilot. But from the game itself it was a bit confusing.

      I did quite a lot of research on him. some places call him English and Australia. But that voice is unmistakably Australian. Plus some of his dialogue has a bit of a hint of Australian slag to it.

        Pardon, Slang**

          lol - too funny :)

    Am I missing Barry Steakfries in there? I see a section on food-based names that he exemplifies, but no him!

      Yea, i'm not really up to speed with my app games :(

    Not sure why Sniper is listed as good when he's voiced by an Englishman using stereotypical English lines.

    But then, compared to the competition...

      Robin Walker, the guy who does the TF2 blog posts, is not only Australian but the creator of Team Fortress. This makes it a bit bizarre that they use an English actor.

    What about Kevin Pasco, from Teleroboxer!

    Can you move Samantha Byrnes down to the mediocre part of the list? Because sometimes she sounds good and other time she sounds dead awful. She slips into what Americans think Australians sound like. Bernie was a more natural speaker. Both are voiced by Australians.
    This is Sams Voice actor http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0085227/
    And Bernies http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1245230/

    Daina in Dead Space 2 was Australian

      Don't give me any ideas. I don't have the power to make another one of these.

    What about Terranigma? The whole continent of Australia featured in that one.

    Bout time we get some recognition in the outside world

      Yeah, too bad its for really bad accents that nobody here uses and really bad beer that nobody here drinks.

    This is awesome...It would be more awesome if it was made as a video compilation.

    You're still missing characters, make another one haha (kidding). As proud as I am of Aussies being in video games, holy crap, many of the accents the voice actors pull are hilariously bad. I still have a bad ringing in my ear from Vanille and Fang's attempts.

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