About That Other Ending For Return Of The Jedi...

In one of the outlines for the movie Return of the Jedi, Han Solo died. Princess Leia would have to lead her own people while Luke went off on his own.

This "slightly more bittersweet" ending "would have allowed the characters to reach a natural conclusion," Gary Kurtz say in an interview included among the DVD extras to the documentary The People Vs George Lucas. (Watch the clip above to hear him elaborate.)

What does Gary Kurtz know? Well, the guy was the producer for the first two Star Wars movies, the ones grown-ups tend to prefer. He didn't produce Jedi.

The critically-acclaimed The People Vs. George Lucas amusingly explores the love-hate relationship fans have had with Star Wars creator George Lucas, who has been tinkering — angry fans would call it "meddling" — with his beloved creations for decades. The people promoting the October 25 Lionsgate DVD release of the film gave us this exclusive clip, which is excerpted from a fresh interview footage of Kurtz. Other DVD extras include a music video not-so-tastefully called "GL Raped our Childhood" and a featurette shot at Comic-Con called "The People Vs. Star Wars 3D".

Would have you preferred the version Kurtz describes?


    I think it Jedi ended fine, yes the ending decribed above is a little more darker, but really who cares, it's awesome as it is. Im a Star Wars fan but ill never understand the up roar over the tweeks he does. It's his creation, he can do what ever the hell he wants.


      Plus I don't get why people complain about the changes made to the films. I mean sure if I grew up during the late 70s and early 80s then it might affect me, but the fact is the unedited original versions were just recently released on DVD so I don't see the whole kerfuffle.

        If you really want to fully understand the "kerfuffle" in its entirety, go to www.savestarwars.com, but the short version is simply this:

        George Lucas refuses point blank to restore and release the original, unmodified versions of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. He has repeatedly stated over the years that he wants them to disappear forever, so that in the future only the Special Editions will remain. Now you personally might prefer the SEs and that's absolutely fine, but there are many people like myself who don't and would like to watch the versions of the films that they prefer in full, immaculate HD quality. But George Lucas says "No, you can't." And that's that. Besides which, willingly attempting to destroy a piece of cinema history is a moral crime, no matter what the circumstances.

        And yes, while he DID release the original unmodified films on DVD in 2006, they were VERY shoddy ports of the Laserdisc versions from 1993. Besides which, you can't even buy those ones anymore because LucasFilm has stopped producing them now that the Blu-rays are out (along with all the other DVD versions).

          Some people are simply incapable of understanding our anger. They are a generation that honestly believes TRANSFORMERS and it's inevitable sequels were GOOD movies. It's difficult for many of them to realize that good sci-fi ISN'T all about the special effects.

      Yeah - i wouldn't buy Leia going back to rule what was left of her people - even in A New Hope she was a fighter - it just makes sense for her to be one of the leaders of the rebellion...

      And, also, i'd like to add that Jedi ended fine the FIRST TIME (ie - before adding hayden christianson)

      Well, it's understandable that people is unhappy with the changes. They loved the original movies and now that they are becoming available in the highest possible quality (for today's tech), its not the same movie.

      That said, its just a movie.

        The problem is it's not the highest possible quality. It's something rather approaching the worst you can imagine. Just read up on the colour issues with the DVD for a primer to start you off on the countless issues.

      As long as the originals are always available then I say tweak away george, tweak your beardy heart out.

      However, when you don't release the original cut on the new tech so people will always have the version they grew up with, thats when you cross the line from tinkerer to meddler.

    I didn't mind Jedi, the space battles were excellent.

    The ending for ROTJ is why Star Wars is a space fairytale and not a sci-fi. ;)

    Gary Kurtz should have had his way. There were a lot of plants earlier on in the story which would have made his ending more natural and memorable

    the problem with jedi was that it followed the dark subject matter of empire with ewoks and people hated the ewoks ad to this day GL has had a stiffy about introducing child freindly charictors in order to pawn off toys / merch this intent lead to the creation of the much beloved jar jar binks

    If those three aspects had occured with all the battles ROTJ already had, the film would've had a very different effect on the publics opinions on the kind of emotions of what a scifi film could achieve...

    This DVD sounds interesting. Would've been nice if there was a link to it in the article...

    The best quote I've ever heard in relation to this is: "George Lucas is a hack, and Start Wars is great DESPITE him, not because of him."

    I agree with the sentiment.

      I also agree. I've said the same thing about George Lucas in relation to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I've also said it about the first Matrix film and the Wachowskis :-P

      Where did you read that? Was it on Youtube? I think that was ME who wrote that! LOL!

    There's a lot of shit Kurtz says was going to happen and I guarantee it would have sucked, the franchise would have ended, and no one would be talking about these movies today.

    The Teddy bears and the song at the end ruined it for me. The target audience went from most ages to 5 year olds.

    I'm an original StarWars fan and jedi is a classic compared to the prequals but the Ewoks were a little much. Never the less I'll still watch those cause it can't be changed now. It's no use argueing with people who didn't see the movies in the 70's and the early 80's. They just won't and can't understand what we meanbecasue it was a feeling that we got at the time they came out..It's a once in a lifetime thing to experience and with movies now it's extremely rare

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