Adorable Bunny Heralds The Return Of A Sega Classic

Sega is currently holding a sweepstakes to see if players can guess which classic Sega franchise will soon be making its triumphant return. It's Daytona USA. Can we have a game with the bunny in it instead?

We pretty much knew some sort of rehash of Daytona USA was in the works, and with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's classic tune "The King Of Speed" from the game's soundtrack teased in this fluffy wuffy bunny video, that's confirmation enough for me.

I'm sure this is exciting news for racing fans, but I'm just not revved up by a rehash of what in 1993 was a cutting-edge 3D racing experience.

I would, however, dearly enjoy being friends with that rabbit. It's so fluffy I could die.

SEGA Sweepstakes — Name that Game! [Sega Blog]


    Not revved up? Are you kidding?

    This is exactly what Sega needs to do - replicate their biggest arcade hit at home at its full potential. With Xbox Live and PSN, 8-16 player races will be a reality.

    Daytona is such a quintessential gaming experience and for it to end its time in the wilderness with a fully online equipped release is great news.

      YEs. And it NEEDS Kinect/Xbox LIVE Vision/PS Eye support. Like those bigger sets of arcade cabinets.

      That will make my year.

        TBH, to be a success at home what it *needs* is a 4 speed gearbox peripheral

    I was hoping this had something to do with Jazz Jackrabbit :(

      errr, that was never sega was it? that was apogee or who ever the hell they were

    It’s so fluffy I could die.


    That's my job.

    In any case, maybe the fluffy bunny video could be somehow related to Shenmue 3 (prays fervently)...

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