Adorable Zelda Cosplay Is Breaking My Heart

Not all Halloween costumes need to be scary. These parents dressed their son as Link and it's having the opposite effect of scary.

Call them stage parents if you want, but they've really gone the extra mile here. Not only is the costume great, but they took some slick photos and, to top it all off, even made a great video featuring rupees and Navi buzzing around his head.

eric3dee [DeviantArt, thanks Nathan and Jen!]


    So cool!

    Sorry nope - link is a lefty, which means that the last picture is wrong.

      Not in Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword or whenever his sprite is mirrored.

        He's only right handed in the Wii version of Twilight Princess so it matches the wiimote... Because it's reeeaaally difficult to viciously swing your left hand with the precision required by Twilight Princess..

      Maybe that's why the kid is upset?

    Grumble grumble I hate kids...

    Its Wind Waker Link!!

    That kid will be decapitated by the first Deku Baba he comes across...unless he has the action replay cheats.

    My son just turned a year old recently and has a similiar look about him. I wonder how old this kid really is...

    Either way, it looks like my costume idea for next halloween isn't all that original after all ;-P (as if there was ever a chance that it was...)

    I dunno, that scares the crap outta me...

    i dont know why i hate kids faces they dont look cute well that one doesnt

    Does not look happy in last image. Probably because he has no idea what the hell is going on.

    Get this kid an Epona rocking horse.

    Where is my Ricen....

    I think the last shot says it all. That was a real magic shoot and all but "Mummy, Daddy I don't want to do this anymoooore!"


    pfft. At that age he probably hasn't even played any zelda. Filthy underage casual.

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