All The RAGE!

All The RAGE!

RAGE, from the creators of Doom and Quake, is the next step in the evolution of the first person shooter. As the first game to utilise id Tech 5 technology, RAGE is easily one of the most technologically advanced games on the market today.

But despite this, RAGE doesn’t rest on its laurels. Featuring a gorgeously rendered art style, and some of the most visceral mechanics in the genre, RAGE is an FPS that changes the game from the ground up.

RAGE is expansive, in addition to the ability to shoot mutants in the face using a series of explosive weaponry, RAGE also allows you to traverse the game’s huge environments in multiple different vehicles. Far from your atypical corridor shooter, RAGE provides new experiences – you are never confined. RAGE is big. Seriously big.

RAGE is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from this Thursday.


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