American Kids Totally Baffled By Japanese Virtual Creation

Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol. She exists in the virtual space. In the latest Kids React, a group of kids react to the singer.

Footage is shown of the Sega-produced Miku concert, and the kids, while initially WTF-ing, do offer up some insightful and open responses about the virtual popstar, as well as some kids who couldn't quite get their head around the notion.

Toyota adopted the virtual singer for an awkwardly Westernised ad campaign.

Kids React to Hatsune Miku []


    I actaully have this show on blu-ray lol.

    I find that Hastune Miku is an interesting concept not much different from gaming in a sense. Allowing composers musicians and choreographers to create music and dance without the need of great exposure and a band of other skilled people to work with.

    I do find it amusing that American children find it so hard to comprehend going to see something that isn't "real", when Western childrens TV is populated by horrid cartoons and shows like Hannah montanna which, while real actors, are essentially just as "fake" as her.

    Yet I think it can be safely said that these children would be just as excited to see a cartoonified concert with their favourite cartoon characters on a screen just like Hatsune Miku. More than anything I'd say their reactions propably based off the fact they were told before watching it that it's "Different" and Foreign and are therefore taking it initially skeptically.

      "I find that Hastune Miku is an interesting concept not much different from gaming in a sense"

      I meant to elaborate on thsi a bit more but I'm half asleep lol.
      I meant to say that it allows people to use a digital medium to create art, something people can enjoy and get excited over despite it not being real, just like video games do.

    Obviously none of them has been to a Gorillaz concert. But to be honest even I didn't know Miku was that big in Japan.

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