Angry Birds Is Still Going Strong With 30 Million Active Users Per Day

It's been damned popular for a damned long time, but Angry Birds' numbers don't appear to be dwindling at all. As Mashable reports, 30 million people play the portable game each day, logging over 300 million minutes of gameplay. Each day!

That's 208,333.3 days of Angry Birds played for each day of real time (or, as the article points, out, 109.5 billion minutes per year). There is a lot of fun maths to be done here, but the upshot is that no one seems to have gotten sick of Angry Birds, and the game's momentum doesn't show signs of slowing down.

For my part, I haven't played Angry Birds in months. But now I'm feeling like I'm left out of the zeitgeist.

Angry Birds: 30 Million Daily Active Users and 300 Million Minutes of Gameplay Per Day [Mashable]


    Would be nice if they could keep the WP7 version up to date, and release Seasons and Rio.

    Well at one stage the android version was netting 850 thousand pounds a week in ad revenue.

    What i dont get is that Riovio is banking everything still on angry birds, I would expand and grow your portfolio with all that money. Because one day angry birds will run out of steam and halt in its tracks from the rise of a another game.

      They're rolling in money and as long as they keep releasing themes, people will just keep buying it, and there will be no incentive to try anything new.

      Angry Birds: Shrek!

    If you distill it down, it's not really that bad. That's only 10 minutes per person per day, an average wait for a bus or a train trip, and still nowhere near the numbers that Zynga games generate. That's for when everyone gets to work.

    What I'd like to know is what the sales per day are currently. Given that 400 million copies have been sold/downloaded and only 30 million are actively playing, is it still selling or is it in that phase where people are waiting for the Next Big Thing?

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