Apple + Aperture Science = GLaDOSiri, A Mash-Up Triumph

Once Apple introduced the Siri AI personal assistant, it was only a matter of time until someone mashed up the introductory video so that it was GLaDOS living inside of Cupertino's new smartphone.

That someone is YouTuber bamfer23, a.k.a. film-maker Jeff Heimbuch, and he achieves a high level of hilarity by having GLaDOS be the bitchily helpful stand-in for Siri. Now, someone do a Wheatley one, okay?

(Thanks to tipster Chris Hansen!)

Apple - Introducing GLaDOSiri on iPhone 4S [Bamfer Productions]


    She'll only go and break my heart. )=

    I'd use her as my personal assistant. Definitely.

      +1 I'd tease her by making her talk to herself.

    I like the disclaimer at the end! =D 'Also, GLADOS may try to kill you'. Hilarious!

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