Are These Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer Maps?

Several outlets this morning have posted what appears to be the layouts of the 16 multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare 3, giving fans a glimpse at their size, exploits, bottlenecks and what have you.

The images have been attributed to this user on the site The Tech Game. The images' provenance is unknown, though German language menu options are visible in some shots.

The 16 maps all conform to the names listed on the Modern Warfare wiki. Eight of them conform to the list of multiplayer maps first leaked in May and reported by Kotaku, though it's likely names on that list have since been changed.

This week it was reported that someone at a shipping warehouse in California stole one of the two discs for the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 and pirated its contents online. The menu options in these shots, taken of someone's television screen, show PS3 controls, so this is something different.

We've contacted an Activision rep to ask if these are legit.

MW3 Maps Leaked [Modern Prestige. Thanks Dan Borenstein]




      You just yawned at the most anticipated game in history. Something's wrong with you!

        Most anticipated game in HISTORY!!!

        ~according to Activi$ion~

        I hope you are trolling Nick..

        I hope..

        Modern Warfare 3 = Boring same old shitfest they've been making for years with a few new skins and now they make you pay to see your stats, LOL

        Battlefield 3 for me baby, best shooter ever made.

          have fun with using origin, publically acceptable spyware. unless you use BF on a console, if so, gl with the failing servers.

          "Modern Warfare 3 = Boring same old shitfest they’ve been making for years with a few new skins"
          Oh, so you've played it and know this for a fact? Because I've seen some articles about new features coming to the game that make it distinctly different from previous CoD games. Maybe you missed all that?

          "and now they make you pay to see your stats, LOL"
          False, only the additional features of Call of Duty Elite will require a subscription. Stat-tracking will be free. You clearly haven't researched this at all.

          "Battlefield 3 for me baby, best shooter ever made."
          An interesting claim. Most of my friends aqre pretty dissapointed with the story, though the multiplayer looks interesting. It doesn't look all that different from Bad Company 2 except with bigger maps, but I'm no expert.

            ah but see matthew everyone knows that BF series isnt about story its about multi. 1942 didnt have one, vietnam didnt have one, bf2 didnt and bf 2142 didnt either.

              If any other franchise asked people to pay full price for a game that was effectively multiplayer only, they'd be torn apart for it. Brink for instance has a multiplayer campaign that can be played with bots.

              Other people (people who enjoy being wrong, I mean) say that the Modern Warfare games don't have a decent story - and despite consistently breaking sales records with each new release, the dwindling population of non-fans insist that it's all hype, and that the games (multiplayer included) aren't actually any good.
              Let's assume for a moment that this is true.

              Battlefield does it, and this is apparently ok?

                Ladies, can't we agree that both games of shooter season 2011 are merely just filling the gap between now and skyrim?

                  If I were picking up Skyrim, I might agree. Sadly I think MW3 will occupy me at least until Assassin's Creed and Saints Row hit, then who knows when I'll have time for anything new? The Darkness 2 comes out in February, Mass Effect comes out in March...

            Because the PC fps players buy games these days for offline single player...


      I have noticed a few dipshits posting "1st". \

      Can we not just delete these BS posts?

    Yeah these look legit, I played MW3 a few weeks ago and I used the dome map for a spec ops mission, and sea town for another.

    I hope the maps have a little more to it than black ops maps, nothing beats the size and the amount of things you can do with the MW1 maps. They were brilliant!

    Wow those maps are huge, you could almost 4 people on them with their shoulders barely touching!

      Maybe if we lay them all out together we could use each one as a point for A conquest map?


    My biggest problem with both Call of Duty and Halo maps is the "Too short for the cookie jar" problem. What's that over there? It looks like an amazing sniping and combat area. Sorry, invisible wall.

    Am I the only one getting a lot of broken images on the mobile versions of Kotaku and Gizmodo in the last few days? All I get are the enlarged image URLs

      Me too man, the mobile sites have been broken for me for ages. I can't even see the names for US Articles, or pictures for any on the main screen

        I've only noticed it the last few days. But now everything is gone.. sadface.

    Meh the BF3 maps are way better, bigger and interact-able.
    I'll stick with destroying building while MW3 players can destroy windows

      The only problem I've had with BF3 so far is the 24-player limit on console. And with its huge maps it makes for very slow gameplay.

        i think I'm going to buy it on ps3, i was going for PC but i can't run it on high so why bother, also i played the PC version at a friends house and i got owned repeatedly on all maps without seeing who shot me so i wouldn't mind less people, give me more chance to enjoy flying around xD

        This was my issue with Bad Company 2. The games were slow, and this made them dull. Huge map, a handful of guys, overpowered tanks and RC helicopters that kept us from capturing any points. It takes too long to level up so you just get pounded if anyone has more gadgets than you.

        I'll stick to twitch shooters. MW2 might not have been realistic, by damn it was fun.

    Ten bucks that some will be on disk, and in two months time we'll have to pay for them as DLC.

    That one of the map name's is Bootleg makes me giggle. Delicious irony....mmm irony

    How much did they charge you just to look at the maps?

      They are free to look at of course.. but if you want to PLAY them, then they are $9.99 each..

      Its pretty sweet though, they include one for free with the game..

    Tiny, tiny postage-stamp sized maps :( Just like every other MW game. If only they were a little bigger they'd be far more playable & enjoyable!

      maybe for the 40 year old average gamer that plays pronefield, not for regular people.

        not defending BF, but in bfbc2 you couldnt even go prone

    Wow, those maps sure look small.

    ZOMG Bad Company 3 is like so much better because it has big maps and all!! Like totally...

    Then again it's not your fault guys. It's quite clear none of you ever spent any real time with a true Battlefield title and that's why you think BC3 is so great...sorry, I mean BF3. Sure it plays nothing like a Battlefield game prior to Bad Company but hey they removed the Bad Company part so it's easy to make that mistake.

    Seriously, get over yourselves. Some people prefer both and some people prefer one over the other but the amount of childish bullshit that has been flooding the MW3 articles is ridiculous. For all the talk of CoD fans being immature children, the only people acting in such a manner have been the BC3 twits.


      I shall take your /rant and replace it with /fact

      Absolutely right Chazz, if I want a high paced Run-'n-Gun style game, I go straight to CoD. If I feel like taking it more tactically and less like Rambo, I play BF. It really is like there is no grey-area between these two games and you're on one side or the other.

      For apparently 'being older and more mature', the BF fanatics need to cool their jets and go about their business. Slagging off the MW series doesn't help anybody and just adds fuel to the fire.

    Why would anyone want to play this game?

    All the maps are blue, green and grey!

    im trolling too ok

    *Insert mandatory troll comment here*

    *Insert mandatory anti-COD comment here*

    *Insert mandatory pro-Battlefield 3 comment here*

    For die hard fans only. I just purchased this game and played online. 16 maps and you'd probably only enjoy 5 or less. BF3 has 9 maps and I enjoy 8 of them. I enjoyed 90% of the older COD maps but this is unacceptable. From enjoying 90% to 30%, waste of time and money buying this game.

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