Are You In This Queue For The iPhone 4S?

So here it is - Kotaku's obligatory 'the iPhone 4S is coming out today post'. Anyone here picking one up on launch day? My old iPhone is seriously showing its age - when Tiny Wings is suffering from frame rate issues you know it's time to upgrade. Anyways - we've got a couple in the office, so at some point today we'll have a hands on look at how the games are handling.


    Here we go again...

    Im really interested to see how the 'voice recognition' works and see people reactions... Its either going to be really good or really bad..

      From what i've seen - Siri works quite good.

      But the fact that they had uploaded it to iTunes App - and then pulled it before the release of iPhone 4S is kinda a bit nyuh to be honest.

      Since it works perfectly fine for iPhone 4, etc.

    I'll probably upgrade and hand-ball my 3GS to my wife. Might wait and see if there's any major issues with this one first though.

    No way I'm upgrading to a 4s. I'll just wait for the iPhone 5 next year.

      You mean the iPhone 6...the 4S is the fifth iPhone.

        He didn't say "the sixth iPhone" He said iPhone 5.

        Current Model: iPhone 4s
        Future Model: lr2count

    If Tiny Wings was running fine, what has caused your frame-rate issues?
    I know on mine it was an iOS upgrade - continued upgrades that reduced the performance my phone was capable of pushed me to WP7.


      The 3GS was the 4th phone.

      What does humble pie taste like?

      Sorry, that was meant for Chaser

      HAHA Oops.... my bad. Pass that humble pie my way!

    These people are just mindless muppets, imho - 'nuff said

      Yeah no other industry lines up days before the release of piece of hardware...

      Oh wait they do, every time a new game console is released. Or a highly anticipated game.

      At least apple doesn't give a 100% mark up on their US prices hey?

        Oh, sorry? have they started releasing new consoles every 6 months now?

          I'm an Android user with a Samsung Galaxy S2. Seeing as my phone was superseded in about three months with a faster version and is about to be rendered obsolete with the coming Nexus Prime announcement, the idea of having a single phone update every year doesn't sound bad.

            Serious question time, are you a hipster?

              Hmm? I'm a software developer and it's incredibly frustrating having to guarantee stability and performance across literally HUNDREDS of Android configurations. I have no problem with not owning the newest

              Hmm? I'm a software developer and it's incredibly frustrating having to guarantee stability and performance across literally HUNDREDS of Android configurations.
              I have no problem with not owning the newest model all the time but it's incredibly frustrating to spend so much money on something and not be able to reliably cover the high-end spectrum of devices.

                I hear you! Where I work we only create droid ports if the iOS version has sold 100k+, its the only way its worth the pain of supporting the number of devices.

            Actually there was 11 months between the release of the Galaxy S and S2.

        Yeah, Apple are just bastions of moral righteousness.

        Charging 60% more for iTunes, exploiting Chinese labour, fuelling demand for Cobalt ore...

        ...oh, and continuing to suck in mindless drones who can't live without a trivial upgrade to their smartphone.


      I always wonder if these guys actually realise how much they would pay for their phones at the end of their contracts, especially signing up on day 1. I still have a shitty ld nokia, havent moved into the smart phone era, how much do these things cost RRP? You could probably almost double that by the end of the life of the contract, or is it actually a decent deal?

        Simple - they don't care - they just want the coolest new thing

          Or, like me, they have an old 3G or 3GS with one broken speaker, a battery which barely lasts a full day with minimal usage, and the anti-fingerprint/smudge coating has completely worn off the screen, so they want a new one.

          They're also right about each iOS update reducing the performance of the 3G/3GS by a rather large margin. That's almost enough to warrant an upgrade on its own.

          Generalisations are bad, m'kay.

            ... but if its lifespan is that bad, I would definitely consider jumping ship to another brand. Why not you?


              Perfect design build from Apple's perspective. Give the device a maximum 12 months life span in software and actual physical wear and tear and force iSheep to upgrade all the time.

              If these product's build quality actually = how much you pay for them, they should never break and should last years!

              You pay hundreds (up to a thousand) dollars for these things and they fall apart after 12 months?

              And people accept this somehow?

              This - if each generation gets worse, but has more "shiny" features - why would you continue buying them?

              I mean - don't you feel a little sucked it?

                Also - put another way - I had my Nokia N95 8gig for 3 YEARS! The phone was simply amazing and durable and NEVER had any issues. In the end i had to upgrade because the slider finally started to wear out and stick.
                I have upgraded, somewhat reluctantly, to a HTC desire HD - which has so far also been brilliant - My partners has lasted her over a year as well with no problems.

                And yet many iphone users are upgrading on a VERY regular basis?

                Really - think about it? Are you getting your monies worth? Don't ANY of you feel even the slightest bit ripped off by the constant need to upgrade?

                In economics at uni it was pointed out to me by a couple of my teachers that Apple have far more tech than they let out, which is obviously goin gto be common sense, but they trickle it out, bit by tiny bit specifically for the purpose of wringing you all dry - for a phone that they say YOU, the consumer, don't even OWN?!?!

                Really guys?

                You'll line up for hours on end for it?

                You'll have to forgive me if i just don't get it - it just makes no god-damned sense to me. If they are so brilliant, why the constant need to upgrade?

                Shit - they won't even give you that damn shatter-resistant screen you're all crying for - holding it back until the iphone 5 comes out early next year! Even then it's no promise!

                  I bought this 3GS about 2.5 years ago. That's only 6 months less usage than you got out of your Nokia.

                  I should also add that I didn't stand in line this morning, but I am ordering the 4S from Telstra's website.

                  I just don't see why people even bother feeling anger towards just because they bought an iPhone. I think it pretty much comes down to feeling the need to defend your own purchases, or just not wanting to be a "sheep", which just makes them a sheep of another flock in my book.

                  Some people choose a phone because they like it, and not because everyone else is doing it. Why so much aggression against these people?

              I'm not an Apple fanatic, the reasons I'll continue using the same brand are:

              1. I've gone to the effort of putting together an iTunes library, labeling and sorting it all over the last few years, and I'm too lazy to do it again.

              2. I've already bought a ton of apps, and I would get to continue using them on the 4S but not on a competitor's phone.

              3. I've taken a liking to the interface and the simplicity of the iOS. Sure, other phones might have more options and features but I've discovered I don't need that out of a mobile phone device, and they would probably go to waste on me.

              4. Why do you care what brand I choose? I don't care about other peoples' opinions, I make decisions for myself. Why does it matter to you or anyone else what my decision is?

                1. you don't need to be chained to that dinosaur of technology itunes. with other phones its all drag and drop. organise your files on your computer in folders and drag and drop and you're good to go.

                2. so you are stuck with one type of phone and that's it. no options for a better this or that or a cheaper one. iphone does have better apps but other markets are steadily increasing.

                3. so you'd prefer a slice instead of the whole cake. you don't have options to try this or that you're just stuck with exactly what they feed you. Sure the man that eats pie all his life believes it's the best thing ever.

                4. because you could have so much better. maybe chu is trying to enlighten you as i have with many of my friends. It's like the old pc vs mac race where pc's flexibility, range and options won out in the end.

                  iTunes works brilliantly. Of course it is slightly painful if you want to use lots of media you haven't paid for. Most people in the world don't know how or like to use files and folders - yes that sounds crazy to someone thats here reading a kotaku post, but its true. iTunes is incredibly easy if you want to pay for things.

                  Why do you need options or a better this or that or a cheaper this or that? That just makes it harder for developers. Its already hard enough having 3 models to support, let alone almost 200 on droid.

                  If you are busy getting on with things and not someone who is interested in such devices purely for their own sake, then why would you care?

                  No, better by what YOU value. flexibility, range and options are irrelevant if computers are not your hobby.

            My 3GS actually got noticeably faster with the iOS5 upgrade, so it bucks that trend.

        Brewer74, I don't think you do pay more on a contract. I didn't want to go with a contract again after being stuck with my 3G far beyond it's use-by date. However, if I bought myself an iPhone 4 outright I would have paid $900 plus $79 to get the call value I wanted. Instead I'm paying $79 for calls plus $10 a month for the phone. I'm coming out $660 ahead on a contract. The only reason to not go with a contract is the freedom to upgrade when the next new model comes out.

        And you can't spruik how much money you're saving by not having a smart phone. You could save plenty of money using old technology, but at the end of the day you're missing out.

          I see your point bro but i dont buy it. I use pre-paid credit and maybe go through a $20 re-charge every 2 months, so for me its just a waste of money. I dont see it as "missing out" either, I have a PC at work, at home and anywhere else i truly need it, I really dont need to check FB while I am taking a crap, and dude $89 a month on a phone? That is a lot of money, over a grand a year

            I'm a journalist who travels a lot so I get plenty of value out of $89 a month. I guess it depends how many calls you make each month as to whether a contract is worth it. Four years ago I wouldn't have even considered going on a contract as I just didn't use my phone that much.

        Plans generally work out cheaper. I'm on a plan with a phone that costs $600 and I'm only paying $144 over 24 months for it.

        I've never understood what these hardcore people who always buy their phones outright have against phone plans. Buying phones outright works out much more expensive for the actual phone. Sure you might get locked into a contract for 12-24 months but if you're going to sick with your preferred carrier anyway, what difference does that make?

          none of the plans for these phones can compete with $10 a month. I have not seen any smartphone variants with a $10 plan, I am just not going to go to a $30/month ($20/month than i am spending now), so Ican have a smart phone, i dont think the features warrant a $20/month pricetag

    They should be getting this, cheaper and easier to get their hands on :P

    I have had my nokia E63 since soon after release.
    It works just as well as it did the day i baught it.

    Oh and i didnt have to cue up for it.


      If you posted this from your Nokia I think the spelling/grammar checker isn't working.

    Pretty keen on vodafones iPhone 4S + iPad 2 bundle... Also might wait and see if there's any issues or better bundles coming out in the near future.

      The Voda bundle isn't actually a bundle.

      I rang the yesterday asking about it, its 2 separate plans. Not to mention they are locked to the Voda network.

    Nope, getting mine delivered to me. Was going to wait for the Nexus Galaxy but they cancelled the event...and announced the new one just after I ordered my new iphone - first world problems.

      same thing for me, was going to wait for the google announcement and decide what phone i wanted.

      smart move by google /sarcasm

    My phone is so old it doesn't even have text predict. :(

    Keen to see how Siri works, but will be admiring from a distance...

    I've already got Siri on my android. It's just called Google Voice Actions.

      I have Siri on my HD7.. Its called Windows Phone 7...

    Nope. While I could see how the 4S is an improvement for those with 3G(S), there's just nothing about it that makes me want to upgrade from my iPhone 4. I made the decision a whole ago, before the talk of the 4S, that my next phone won't be an iPhone. I'm over the hype and the stock manipulation that Apple use to generate interest (and, in turn, frustration).

    I also don't appreciate the fact that Siri was always available on the App Store for ALL iPhone users to obtain and use, only to be removed from the store after purchase from Apple and made "exclusive" to the iPhone 4S. Yet again another method of manipulating it's customers and I'm done with running out there and buying their phones, helping encourage that sort of business model.

    For me, iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S are nothing more than an attempt by Apple to play catch-up with the other smart phones out there at the moment.

    Waiting for the iPhone4S2

    But the iphone 4s is a pretty cool guy, it kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.

    I'm upgrading from an 8GB iPhone 3G to a 64GB iPhone 4S... mmmm

    will only get one if they ever release a GLaDOSiri version of Siri.

    lol what a joke...idiot apple fanboys

    not you guys in comments, the picture

      No, you were right the first time, I'm an idiot fanboy.

    I used the internets to order one for me and one for my missus.

    It's like standing in a queue but you get to go to work, use a bathroom and eat your breakfast at home at a leisurely pace while watching TV.

    It's terrific really, someone should tell these queue people about it.

    Hipsters trolling hipsters trolling hipsters..

    Who gives a fuck what phone people decide to use? You all sound like children, making fun of a kid in primary school because their parents bought homebrand food instead of branded.

    Tl;dr. Grow the fuck up.

      haha thankyou. I love the irony of these hipsters one of type paying out people for being hipsters of another type.

      Are they really hipsters if there are 100's of millions of them? It's like those damn hipsters and their Ford cars. :D

      Quick, someone give this guy a medal!

    baaah baah baaah. Naww look at all those cute sheep!

    Would love to get out of the whole iPhone/Pod ecosystem and switch to Android, but that would mean ditching all the apps and audiobooks I've spent money on...

    My favourite thing about Apple is how much owning an Apple product pisses some people off :)
    There's not one single argument they can use against Apple that can't be used against other companies (such as Coltan mining, Foxconn, yearly upgrades, fanboyism, price gouging, etc.) but that doesn't stop them from jumping on the internet and proving how cool they are to the world because they refuse to use Apple products. Idiots.

    I'm not because it's fucking stupid to wait in line for more than 10 minutes for anything that isn't food and water in a refugee camp. These people need to have their heads checked. So do the people who lined up for the $2 GSII. Actually at least the GSII people were getting a deal, these iPhone losers are just going to hand over a grand for a slightly better phone to the one they no doubt already have. This photo sums up the hedonistic loss of cohesive direction this country has devolved to the last 20 years.

      Here is your complimentary "I raged over Apple" badge.

    "I’m not because it’s fucking stupid to wait in line for more than 10 minutes for anything that isn’t food and water in a refugee camp. These people need to have their heads checked. So do the people who lined up for the $2 GSII. Actually at least the GSII people were getting a deal, these iPhone losers are just going to hand over a grand for a slightly better phone to the one they no doubt already have. This photo sums up the hedonistic loss of cohesive direction this country has devolved to the last 20 years."


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