Arkham City’s Official Map App Gives Aid To Trophy Hunters

Arkham City’s Official Map App Gives Aid To Trophy Hunters

One of the more frustrating aspects of Batman: Arkham Asylum, for me, was the lack of a minimap in the hud. I appreciated the clean view afforded by a minimalist HUD, but it made hunting up Riddler Trophies and clues, with the aid of a GameFAQ, of course, a chore marked by constant pausing.

An official map application for iOS devices, available now, should make the process more convenient in Arkham City. It’s more or less a strategy guide for completionists, showing the location of more than 350 collectibles, broken down by character (Batman, Catwoman) and including locations of Riddler riddles. The app also allows the user to mark which ones he’s found, so instead of stumbling across one on another mission and reminding yourself to come back to it, or going through the collectibles in order, is no longer the most painless way to finish the job.

The app is $3.99 and it is official. It has a few seconds of loading time in and out of each map, but they are zoomable.

Batman: Arkham City Official Map App [iTunes via Develop]


    • Cause majority of the sheep are brainwashed so they buy what corporate companies tell them too.. I’ve only had my iPhone 4 for 6 months and I definately wouldn’t run out to get and iPad

    • Goes to show that Apple’s marketing is so good that companies don’t even do market research anymore, they just assume Apple is on top.

  • Or you could just do what I did, beat up Riddler’s informants and then use the main map. You can mark everything as an objective with Y/Triangle, so it’s not exactly a problem.

    Plus, when they’re marked as an objective, the Batsymbol hovers over wherever you’re going. Why would you spend money to not have that?

    You can also tag Riddler trophies that you find and can’t collect by scanning them, which adds them to the main map for later collection.

    • I accidentally knocked out a couple of Riddler informants and can’t find any more now. I definitely haven’t got all of the secrets marked on my map, so I hope they respawn at some stage!

      Meanwhile for using guides, I’ve been using a laptop on the couch for years!

      • They should. I’ve accidentally KOd one or two of them and still stumble across them from time to time. I think they’re just randomly generated.

    • Exactly. Why would you pay good money in order to see the same thing that the game shows you, instead of just, y’know, playing the game?

      • I’m not going to buy it, but I can understand that it saves time when you’re cleaning up the scraps, compared to tracking down and beating up Riddler’s goons to get the info.

        For some people already low on recreation time (like me!) it’s a nice option, nice method of delivery, though would have been even nicer if it were free.

        • I’ll give you that, but using the app just cuts out one of the experiences of the game, which is the whole point behind the informants. Besides, I was never really hard pressed to find informants whatsoever, particularly since they’re clearly highlighted without even having to go to the map screen (I had every token already marked on the map before I had even half the gadgets required to obtain them), and I imagine quickly looking at the in-game map to see where the next riddler token is would be infinitely easier and less time consuming than using a secondary app which requires you to let the app know which Riddler trophies you’ve found (rather than have the game handle it for you) and doesn’t have any real correlation between itself and your progress in the game.

          To me, it just feels like the in-built functionality in the game handles all the functionality of the app much better.

  • Does City not have hidden riddler maps for each area like Asylum? I’m getting the PC version so I am yet to play it.

    • There are Riddler Informants that are highlighted in green when you see them. Take out all of their friends and you can interrogate them to get some Riddler stuff revealed on the map.

  • The lack of a minimap? serious? the game at no point needs one, there is a compass at the top which is enough to point you in the right direction. From there, playing as Batman who is a detective shouldn’t need any more handholding.

  • Just a question – are you guys bound by media rules and regulations to disclose if you are using a column to advertise a product when either being paid to or given other benifits?
    Just this article seems rather paid for esk – not saying it is but just that it seems like it is.

    • Hey, relax! It’s a gaming blog. They found out about a nifty gaming product – possibly via a press release – then they alerted us about it. Pretty much the way the majority of the site, and the gaming press on the Internet in general, works.

      • Then they shouldn’t be offended being asked the question. I’m not saying all their writters are doing cash for comments but it can be quite easy to succumb for some – just wondering if this was the case this time around or if it was just a case of enthusiastic writting …

        • Owen writes for the US Kotaku site. Kotaku AU just reposts their articles, so if this is a cash for comment type post (most likely it’s just a very lazy rewrite a press release), you’re not going to get any answers because the writer and anyone involved in the process for this particular article don’t check here.

    • I don’t get it are you acting superiour to those who bought an iPhone – so now only posers have Andriod phones?

      So you guys are the new iPhone hipsters?

      Good to know – don’t buy an Andriod phone they are for hipster posers and not just like the iPhone or any other phone which is a wireless device that allows for communication with others using a similar device.

      • No, he’s just one of the smart people who invested in a device from a company that doesn’t rely on aggressive marketing and bullshit legal tactics in a bid to stay relevant. You know, a company that would rely on the quality of their product instead of misinformation.

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