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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    How much of a success do you think SWTOR will be? Will most people just get it for KOTOR3? Will it flop as everyone realises its WoW in space?

    How do you think other MMOs like Guild Wars 2 that are less point and click than 'traditional' MMOs will fair in the market?

      Only reason i wanted to play it in beta was the fact that it could play off like KOTOR3. Though when the more MMO elements came in at the higher levels i quickly got bored. Though i am mostly sick of the stupid trinity.

      I'm looking forward to GW2 though having been a huge GW1 player. Coupled with the fact that the lack of the trinity intrigues me.

      Whether they can pull off decent difficulty levels based on different combinations or not is a worry though.

      This game will have a shorter life span then the second death star.

      I couldn't even guess. So conflicted.

      Part of me thinks the timing is good, the developer is good, the brand is super strong, etc.

      But then another part of me wonders if another MMO can ever be successful on the level of WoW.

      It's a tough one. It should have been a no brainer, but the launch hasn't been handled well.

    Bacon is king, is this statement correct? Or super correct?

      Regular bacon is like a duke. Istra Bacon is King:

      Bacons reign goes unapossed except in our Jewish and Islamic based nations

    Why haven't you accepted my PSN friend invite yet? Don't make me come over there!

      Because there's no good games on the PS3 so he hasn't turned it on in 6 months? [trollface] [winky smiley face]

      Actually, wait, he played SotC on the weekend! The plot thickens...

      To sign in I have to download one million updates!

        Meh, just turn it on when you go to bed tonight, by the time you wake up in the morning it'll be done.

        You know you'll need the latest firmware sooner or later (Uncharted 3, perhaps?) so you might as well get in now and beat the rush :P

    Have you experienced the awesomesauce that is Orcs Must Die!? (and I don't use the word awesomesauce ever)

      This is the first time I have heard 'awesomesauce'. I like it.

      orcs are currently picketing the UN about this genocide. Until we get the all clear I must wait.


    What kind of PC do you run? Curious.

      Currently I run the " I can play most games at high res and graphic settings"

      It's a couple of years old now. I bought it so I could run Crysis on high settings. Can't remember the specific specs off the top of my head.

      Need to upgrade badly...

    Thoughts on Scottish independence?


      It'll never happen.

      They're just too intertwined now, and economically... there's just no way Scotland could support itself.
      Much though it pains me to say, look at Ireland. They became an independant republic, and now they subsist on EU loans... and are now one of the P.I.G.S.

      We must first deal with the "no true Scotsman" fallacy

      Wow, wasn't expecting that question!

      It won't happen. The Scottish Nationalist Party, if they passed it through parliament, still have to put it to a referendum. And the last poll I heard stated that most people don't want independence.

      I'm not really in favour of it.

    Tracey Lien has never heard of Feist, Can you rectify this problem ???


      wtf is a Feist?
        Great Music

          Rewally? I thought you were talking about Raymond Feist, one of the better fantasy writers.

            I thought they may have been talking about Ronnie Feist, the MX rider...

              I thought he misspelled Feast and was talking about this:

      You could fill many a book with the stuff I don't know.

      If it's Feist the singer then she can actually get it via home sharing.

      If it's Feist the writer then there's a copy of the Magician on the shelf.

      From Sid
      aka. Tracey Lien's brother.

    Was Battlefield 3 street broken?

    Or are the Battlefield 3 Banner ads on Kotaku lying jerks?

      It must be option 2.

      Will hassle ad guys about this.

    With regards to this article, can you please shed light on the legality of emulators/roms? While I'm pro-emu, I feel this isn't something that should be promoted or advocated so shamelessly - the Lifehacker article even gave the reader a VERY descriptive step-by-step guide for how to do all this.

    Gob says: COME ON!!

      What exact problem did you have with the article. It's not exactly hard to find a place on the net to give you step by step process. Also i believe that you are allowed to own one digital copy of a media you already own. The article mostly likely assumes this fact. Even if it is not stated!

        I think the majority of people won't be so righteous though. The article even suggested The PIRATE Bay as a place to obtain the roms.

          Emulators are legal. Roms are not (open to interpretation of course).

      This is an interesting idea. I think I might investigate this a bit.

    Hi Mark,

    Given the recent interim legislative changes regarding classification of online games (ie: that while the full legislation is sorted out online games and content would be exempt from classification) is there any word on Microsoft unlocking the Indie Games channel for XBox Live in Australia?


      Nothing yet. But I might chase this up.

      Getting some awesome story ideas from this week's ask me stuff!

      This doesnt impact Xbox live, it's on mobile games & downloadable games that are playable online only (no offline mode)...seems very odd to me...

    Is EA going to release a Collectors Edition of The Old Republic in Australia, in line with the Australian launch date?

      Are you trolling, boy? lol

        No, I genuinely want to play KoTOR-3... and this is likely as close as I'm going to get.

          Wait... are you talking about the Star Wars MMO, or something different?

          Because the MMO isn't being released in Aus...

            Now who's trolling?

            The game is being released in Australia, though likely not until March.


              So we are getting it just not when everyone else does?

              Sorry, man - i thought we weren't getting it at all.


            The AU is a giant TBA at the moment, though all indications are that it will be released here at some time in the first half of 2012.

              Yeah there was an article on Kotaku earlier on about the announcement of the 'Global Release' of the game - except in Aus and NZ.

      This. If they don't, there's going to be a serious s**tstorm.

      I would very much expect the

      EB Games Rip Off Edition to be launching as well.

      I don't know to be perfectly honest. I would imagine yes. What game doesn't have a collector's edition these days...

        I just meant, with the delay being a fairly recent announcement... and the CE not having been available in AU...

        You see where I'm going with this?

    Have you picked up the DLC for GT5?

      Nah, too scared of getting lost in that labyrinth of a menu system.

      [read: I suck at serious driving games]

    I know you have A LOT of games on your plate right now, but the co-op mode for Space Marine is about to hit (next week, actually) and looks like it could be REALLY fun.

    Like REALLY REALLY fun.

    Any chance you might finally pick this one up and have a bash at it with us?

      How do you defeat the Orc boss?
      He's giving me the irits.

        Can you get to the part where he's up on the ledge?

        You basically kill as many of his boyz as possible to get the fury meter full, then use the slow time mechanism to shoot the bomb squigs as they come out behind him, blowing him up.

        The key to the early part of fighting him is avoiding him as much as possible until your fury meter is full, then engaging with a thunder hammer

      I think I need to give this game a crack.

      But, I haven't even started Arkham City. Still finishing GoW3, Uncharted 3 review code hits my desk tomorrow and Battlefield next week and Shadow of the Colossus and FIFA 12 and Zelda Skyward Sword and...


      Head exsplamode.

    Have your vast web of spys provided any word on the Mechwarrior game that Bryan Eckman (Piranha Games) and Inner Sphere News have been tweeting about?

    Also, on a scale of Leroy Jenkins to Nyan Cat... how excited are you about a new Mechwarrior game?


      Sorry man. I haven't heard anything.

      And that scale is more broken than the 7-9 game review scale.

    Is the mobile version of the site borked or is it just my iPhone?

      Lol at borked.

    Are you already putting a pillow under your shirt growing by the week so you can take maternity leave come Skyrim's release? How else can we find the time.

      Dude, that game scares the shit out of my schedule.

    How many complaints can we expect once Battlefield 3 drops?

      depends if your online for that day or not


          I really don't see how that of all things was a "zing"...

            Really? That was even more obvious than the last one. Don't even worry if you don't get it hahaha

              If the "insulting joke" was him implying that all complaints about Battlefield 3 will be coming only from me then that still doesn't make any sense since I'm not planning to pick up the game.
              Personally I read it as him saying that the servers will be down on release day (like they always are) and everybody who can't get into an online match will be complaining.

    Do you condone the use of a sick day when BF3 comes out?

      Tip 467# Don't gloat about it on facebook.

      I not only condone it, I recommend it. I'll be using mine for Skyward Sword.

    Give us your thoughts on Street Dates. It seems like a long time since the last big title actually managed to keep a street date.

    Is this something developers should be worried about?

    Also, UFC 137 lost GSP v Condit, the card is kinda slim now.

      That's good news for us though. OOT, Batman, the one's that are breaking through are the games in high demand. I hope Uncharted comes out early!

      seriously, I reckon broken street dates are all a big ruse / conspiracy to get us excited about games coming out a day or two early!

      "maybe I'll call my local retailer just to check if the street date is broken!" "The anticipation is killing me" "Game X is going to be the best game ever!"

      Re: Street Dates. No one gets punished, so no-one feels pressure to adhere to them. I think someone's going to feel the wrath real soon.

      Pretty gutted about GSP. Then again, wasn't that excited about watching him decision the shit out of another fight.

        When GSP grinds out a UD people call him the greatest fighter ever. When Silva does it, they want him to retire. I just don't get it.

        I'm worried that publishers may now push back a release date a few days just to accommodate the street date break.

    If you could only play one perfect Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond, Star Wars or any other movie or comic book licensed game (by perfect I mean it gets the franchise dead on and you feel like the established character) what you choose kind sir!
    Batman for me!

      Well Arkhum City is for you then.

      James Bond for me (After blood stone they really need to perfect it)

      Maybe an x-men but a bit hard to do that as a solo character.
      From TV a stargate game with your criteria would be excellent.

      OMG no if I could have only one I want a dino-riders game

      Yeah, Arkham City is kind of the example as not many franchises seem to have these kind of games, ones that get the lore and character so spot on and match it with gameplay.
      Spider-man 2 came close I guess, I thought Everything or Nothing was quite spot on with Bond too. But they could certainly be pushed to the level of Arkham City quite easily if the developers had the time and budget, which most licensed games don't have.

    Please justify the "PSN online pass" system in the context that a single game can never have 2x the serverload at once.

      The context is that PS makes no money off it's infrastructure... and so needs to generate revenue for it somehow.
      Hence PS-Plus and now PSN pass.

    What do you think about the Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunters’ Club? Worth it or worth the full wait?

    i often think of questions on days other than wed. any tips ???

    also, how is u been? your story for choops made me giggle.

      Doing good man - where have you been?

      I'm just waiting on Kotaku Chronicles part 3.

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