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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Which fast food chain has the best chips/fries?


        [Scruffy voice] Second [/Scruffy voice]

        I'm sorry but Souvlaki Hut chips beat KFC chips. I say this as a KFC fan. Souvlaki Hut chips are CONSISTENTLY good where KFC are great one day terrible the next.

          I've been really liking Red Rooster's chips lately - though if you live in Canberra (I once did) you can't go past Kingsleys.

        I heard the secret to KFC chips is actually Beef flavoured Salt.. There's a question for Mark!

      A fan of burger edge myself

        I'm eating Burger Edge right now.

        I did not order chips.

        Now I realise my mistake.

      The chips at Grilled are consistently good.

      Mexi-crinkles from Salsa's!

      Burger King in the UK has the best ones in my humble opinion.

      In Australia? I'd say Maccas.

      Hi I am trying to find any relevant information about playing video games in public.

      Is there a licence that is required?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Oporto. Chicken salt and always freshly cooked.

    Follow up on the 3DS firmware delay: What the hell? How can they justify delaying a major firmware update that people actually want by nearly 3 weeks compared to the rest of the world?

    You said you spoke to them initially, so did they offer you any justification? Is it a classification thing? Or is it just some bizarre compulsion that Nintendo Australia has to delay everything?

      Or maybe it's just a show of power: "Import that, bitch!"

      And if they haven't offered you an explanation, could you please ask them for one?

      Also what is the longest conversation you've ever held with yourself?

        I have a question, Mark. What's the longest reply chain you've seen consisting Solely of ONE person?

        Yes, this is also a combo breaker.

          There have been some massive ones in Talk Amongst.


      There's just crazy approval processes at Nintendo. They're unlike any company I've dealt with in terms of their bureaucracy and their process of protecting their brand.

      It's almost pointless to ask Nintendo Australia why - they can't and won't say. It's just Nintendo. It's just the way they are and have always been.

    I've had my cold for 2 weeks now, when will I get better?

    I had another question for you the other day, but I forgot what it was :(

      Have yourself a nice hot cup of honey chilli n lemon tea and that will clear it up in no time.

      Most likely your immunosuppressed.
      Best bets are Vit C overload (men's multis are great for this with tons of other good stuff), the GP for antibiotics, or a good chiropractor to help get your nervous system firing again

      Ginger+Honey+lemon juice+garlic+chilli in a glass of hot water.

      Drink that shit. If you survive, you'll feel better!

    Who should I put my money on in the Melbourne Cup?

    Answer wisely, there may or may not be my house, my children's college fund and my dignity at stake here.

      The little rabbit thing the dogs chase.
      That always comes first, right?

    Do you think they'll break the release date for battlefield 3?
    If anyone knows that they're selling it let us know ^_^

      I think Kotaku needs a new feature that encourages the breaking of embargos by offering a kitty to the first person who posts evidence of a retailer who breaks embargo. Readers could PayPal donations into a reward fund small sums of money, say a dollar each to put towards the cost of the kitty, and the employee of the retailer who broke the embargo could select the breed.

    Should i buy some more wrestling games? I'm a giant wrestling fan and back in the PS1/PS2 era i would buy every wrestling game the first day it was out. The Smackdown series was just amazing to me. But the games started to get stale, fewer and fewer features started getting implemented so I stopped buying.

    Wildgoose was nice enough to give me his copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2009 after a few years of not buying any games, and it just confirmed to be that the WWE series is hardly moving.

    Should i buy more wresting games?

      Yep. WWE Allstars was pretty fun, and you can probably buy it cheap now. WWE12 looks good too.

    What was your favourite mech from the series... and your favourite game?

    Mark do you understand the reasons the BF3 developers chose to boot from a web browser. I have heard it works OK but the idea just seems really clunky.

      I literally can't think of a reason why anybody should complain about the web browser. It's fast, it's simple, it works perfectly. Instead of waiting 5 minutes to get into a game, you just open your browser and wait 20 seconds for the map to load.

      Better than an ingame browser in every way.

        Fair points I gues I am still in the PC mindset that you want a little as possible running in the background to get the game running as well as you can.

    With video reviews and game videos becoming more popular how do you think Kotaku will adapt to the change?

      We'll def have more video content in the future. We have an awesome video editor at Kotaku Aus, but he's currently working ridiculously hard on our redesign.

    Will tomorrow's customs strike have any effect on our game imports?

      Also, any specific coverage on the PC version of Saints Row: The Third, and whether it will be a decent version and not just a dodgy port? (And whether there'll be PC collector's editions?)

    What are 'the seven secret herbs and spices' used by KFC?

      You know the first four??? :P

      2. Chicken salt
      3. chicken grease
      4. chicken bone
      5. chicken gristle
      6. lips
      7. ass

    1. Exterminatus DLC for Space Marine on both PS3 and Steam, but not 360 - no one has really explained why. Little help?

    2. Once this DLC comes out you should at the very least borrow a copy and have a quick MP game with us

    3. My Space Marine prize pack still hasn't arrived and that makes me a sad panda...

    Last one was a statement and not a question... well the last 2, really...



      @#1 - I assume because Microsoft's obnoxious certification or monetisation policies are holding it up or preventing it.

    Can you post a story along the lines of "BF3 street date broken" please? Some fake quotes from Dick Smith, EB and JB for authenticity would be great :-)

    Should I cave to peer pressure and get Diablo 3, or try to hold on to my principles in the face of a friend's list that's a litany of Diablo's awesomeness?

    More explicitly, I don't like, support, or advocate the insanely pervasive online requirements and dependencies that D3 will be using as it's core, but I do want to play it.

    Additionally, what can you tell me about Torchlight 2?

    Why isn't 'Where Dragons Rule' by Dragonforce the official theme song for Skyrim?
    Think about it. Perfect fit.

      I saw a youtube video where someone had melded the themes from all the Elder Scrolls games, they joined up beautifuly... almost like they're the same themeaticly.

      Why aren't Dragonforce songs the theme for EVERYTHING?!

      I, personally, listen to "Thorough the fire and flames" before each of my exams

      Fires me right up


          Sort of what I was getting at:

          Lol at Warhammer Online snippets too.

    Did you get an answer from EA about the collectors edition of Old Republic for Australia?

      Nah, my guess is they don't even know at this point.

      Most likely we'll get it though. No reason why not.

    How does one defend the virtue of Gotham whilst studying for soul destroying exams?

      You're the hero gotham deserves, but STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS!

    What do you think is most 'important' in a game, great gameplay, great story, or a great environment?

    Favourite GTA Game?

      Between GTAIV and Chinatown Wars.

      Come at me bro! :)

    knowing that you're a Ghost trick fan, have you seen the Sissel/Lynn alternate colour for Phoenix wright in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? it's awesome :P

    actually, that wasn't really a question, more just pointing something out that you might like...

    Hey Mark,

    A couple of people in TAY yesterday said they were having the same troubles, but has microsoft ever said anything about their play and charge kits? most of the ones i have bought (4 or 5) are dodgy, just wondering if anything official has ever been mentioned by them

      Ooh, I missed that conversation. Add me to the list too. Most of them have only lasted a couple of weeks. However, my current one came with the fancy silver controller with adjustable d-pad (which is actually pretty good all round) and has been going strong for several months now.

      Doubt you'd ever get a comment admitting any kind of guilt from them though.

      I bought a P&C kit a few years ago, didn't charge properly, so exchanged it for another one, and the new one still didn't work, gave up afterwards (although I should've gotten a refund, don't know why I didn't). Been using alkaline batteries since then, although I just ordered some rechargeable ones last week so I'll see how that goes.

      I've got one somewhere, it's shit. Went back to Duracells.

    Hey Mark,

    After the recent preorder details of MW3 i noticed that Steam has had a higher price jump than normal for regional pricing (99 instead of 89)

    Is there literally nothing we can do?
    Im guessing you guys wont plan on doing a name and shame on the companies behind Regional pricing via Steam? (I'm sure it will rattle the tree the wrong way in one form or another :P )

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