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    I bought Alpha Protocol on Steam for $3, but haven't played it yet.

    Did I still get ripped off?
    And is Headslam an acceptable option everytime it comes up?

      Also picked it up ridicu-cheap. I've played the first couple of missions, and have been entertained. I feel therefore like I've got my money's worth even if I never play it again.

      Same deal Darksiders $5, but I think I'm more likely to finish that one, as I find it stupid and awesome, which is probably my favourite combination.

        Should point out, however, that Headslam hasn't come up yet. But when it does...

      Interesting question...

      I think that cheap games always seem like a great idea at the time. But it's ultimately wasted money if you don't actually bother playing them!

        Yeah, but $3 on a game I might never play is better than spending $35 on a game I will never play... Yes, I'm looking at you Brink.

        Besides, with the $5 I paid for Overlord 1 and 2, and the 30+ hours of gameplay I got out of it, looks like every cheap purchase is a potential gold mine of value!

    Has Microsoft relaxed its restrictions on free DLC? I note Portal 2 has free DLC for it, and I think it is free on Xbox.

      Nothing official - but I reckon it would be in their best interests to do so!

      Someone on Major Nelson's blog today noted that Portal 2 DLC is free on Xbox because it's also free on PS3 (ie: anything PS3 gets we'll try to match) if it was console exclusive to the 360 (like Left 4 Dead) there wouldn't be any such bargain.

    Shaken or stirred?

      Stirred, gently.

      Shaking it chips the ice, which waters down the martini.

      "James Bond is ordering a watered down martini, and has the nerve to look snooty whilst doing so".

        I liked the approach taken in the movie of Casino Royale, where Bond was pretty much making stuff up when he ordered it to be a smartarse.

    In your opinion, the odds on ever seeing Mirror's Edge II?

    Do you have a wishlist of features for this game, or more of the same?

      I think we will see it at some point.

      I liked the first game, but there was plenty wrong with it. I think it's the game that would benefit from a tidier design - ala the jump from Assassin's Creed to Assassin's Creed II.

        Plenty wrong with it? I must be missing something. I could rarely fault it. The cutscenes probably, and maybe the last level in the computer room, where you absolutely had to use guns to take out the opposition and the computer systems. Would have liked a more parkour solution to it. Length of the game maybe? I thought it was a tad short. Replayability was good, though. Doing reruns of the levels to achieve a goal time. Lots of fun.

        Assassin's Creed I can certainly pick holes in. Not so much Mirror's Edge. Would love to see a second one.

          You don't need guns in that last room - it's all about speed and tactics. I used hand-to-hand on everyone in that room after they shot up the computer banks for me.

          Didn't pick up a gun the entire game.

          /arrogant pride

            Except for that bit with the sniper rifle and the truck.

            I got the Keeping the Faith achievement as well but I've played through it twice, once with weapons and once without. Guns offer an easy way out whilst relying on hand to hand combat requires a certain level of knowledge of the maps.

            Really, the hand to hand option should be the instinctive one, where a clear escape path presents itself.

            Mirror's Edge suffers from what I call "Assassin's Creed Syndrome", where it is a good idea that starts off well but they run out of momentum as the game reaches the end.

            Towards the end of Mirror's Edge, you're constantly in the closed rooms that are generally more difficult for Faith to deal with (the open rooftops are where she shines). You're forced into running into or through guards, instead of running around them, which is the way the earlier tutorial levels suggest you deal with them.

            The time trials are where the game shined, I think having aspects of that incorporated into the campaign and less of a combat focus would make for an excellent sequel. Just like how Assassin's Creed 2 took the good parts of the first game, cleaned up or removed the bad parts and then became something truly excellent.

              Geez I played it on easy and I could barely disarm anyone! Good Memories though - all those bits mentioned above.

              At least once per chapter there would be a section I would get stuck on - the main thing is the hint system was ridiculous - they give you a button to press (B) and all it does is point you in the direction of your next checkpoint as the crow flies and there were some rooms where I was hitting up GameFAQs trying to figure out where to go next.

              As for Mirror's Edge II - now that we have legs and body and fluid animations in the Frostbite engine I reckon it won't be too long before we see it announced - every time I vault over anything in the BF3 demo I'm reminded of Mirror's Edge!

    y u no play horde with us?

      As soon as I'm done with campaign!

        Odds are you'll be able to find people willing to help with that as well. Drop-in co-op is amazeballs.

    How is the Lien/Serrels melange of awesomeness going? Do your combined powers herald a new dawn for Kotaku?

    Also: moar cute squirrels pl0x.

      Have you seen remember this?

      We're gettin our asses kicked.

      It's about to crank into overdrive!

      Cute squirrels. Incoming.

    Does Irn-Bru taste so good because the food in Scotland tastes so bad?

    Is it one of those inverse relation comparison thingys?

      Chicken Tikki Masala was invented in Scotland. They also seem to have mastered deep frying anything.

      Take from that what you will.

      Negatory. You've clearly never eaten Donner meat and chips from Glasgow at 3am on a Saturday.

        If it's Glasgow, I'm pretty sure that wasn't meat.

        Unless, it was harvested from the corpse of a woman named Donna.

          Still technically meat.

            Slightly higher fat content.

              Laughed out loud at my desk, thanks guys haha.

    Am I the only one who thinks the old dude of the image looks remarkably like Revolver Ocelot?

      Nope, you're not!

        Damnit, you're off the case, McGarnical!

          No, Fistbeard, you're off the case.

            What does that even mean?

              (also, the correct phrase was "You're off YOUR case". Simpsons fail?)

      I'm with you 100%.

      He lives on... THROUGH THAT SCREENSHOT!

    Did you pick up any interesting info about The Last Guardian while you were on holidays? Have you interrogated Tracey? She knows stuff that she refused to share with me. You must extract that information by any means necessary.

    Also - why do you continue to spurn my PSN friend request? :~(

      Re: Last Guardian. LOL.

      Re: Friend request. I hate to say it, but I haven't logged in properly to my PSN account in ages. I do all my online gaming on 360. I really should get on there!

        Why have you spurned my XBL friend request then?

    Do you think Relic will revive the Homeworld series? Example make a Homeworld 3 as the IP has been under relic ownership for a few years now.

    You following the RWC?

    Bad luck Scotland, so deserve to get a quarter final instead of Argentina.....still would have got hammered by the AB's though

      Haven't really been following it, but I heard we were pretty unlucky. :(

    Dear Mark

    Given that I still have not played too much of Gears of War 3, and the high amount of decent games scheduled to come out in coming weeks (Modern Warfare, Battlefield, Skyrim, etc).. should I buy Rage?

      I wouldn't, given Ars' and GamaSutra's and RPS's harsh receptions.

        What a shame, given my like of post apocalyptic stuff, I was sort of hoping he would say yes..

          On the other hand the folks at Edge and Gamespot were more favourable (70 and 80, if memory serves).

          I'd say if you like this sort of thing - and I do - then it'll be pretty good. But Maybe best to wait for the post-release DLC to die down and any bugs to get squished with patching and the price to come down to ~$50.

      Depends how much money you have...

      And how much time you have. I'd def get GoW3 before it that's for sure.

    Had a chance to play Ico/SoTC? or to pester sony about Last Guardian?

    Speaking of pestering Sony; A few weeks ago, GoW Origins collection was released on the PSN store *except* for AU and NZ. In last weeks PSN update,

    they said that the god of war directors commentary documentary thing is available for free download, yet I can't find it on the PSN store. What gives? Why do SCEE hate us for?

      Tracey stole my copy of ICO/SOTC!

      I get the feeling that we won't hear about The Last Guardian until there's an official release date. Unless it leaks by other means.

      Yeah - I'd love to check out that docu...

        I stole nothing! It was addressed to me, god darn!

    Mark, given that you have an iPhone, thoughts on Infinity Blade and it's sequel? Do/have you played it? Would it work on other platforms? Kinect even?

      I did play Infinity Blade - I liked it because it reminded me of Punch Out!!

      Yeah, it could work on Kinect I guess.

      Wii U might be fun?

    ((Not sure if this has been asked yet))

    Are you going to be buying Dark Souls, and if you are, which console are you risking inflicting physical damage on to play it?

      I have a copy which I haven't played yet. I watched my bro in law play it. Looks like I may be tearing out every last one of my nostril hairs.

    Mark, Have you played the BF3 beta? if so what are your thoughts on it, what is great, and what could be improved?

      I'm not Mark, but I'll answer.

      I really like the feeling of the soldiers. Movement feels really, really good. Especially sprinting & going to prone and vaulting over things.

      That being said, chest-high walls are still impossible to clear, even with the new vaulting mechanic.

      Progression is great, especially unlocking mods for guns you use rather than mods for your kit ala Bad Company.

      Working as a team feels way more rewarding, as does playing more of a support role.

      It needs a mute button. Badly. Hearing some dude watching Sesame Street while he talks with his kids about what they want for dinner is so 'effing annoying.

      As always with Dice's games, it just needs some more polish. That being said, I realise it's a BETA and hope that most of the bugs/glitches are fixed when the game ships.

      Played a little last night.

      Got shot twice from the other side of the map, and glitched so bad that it'd reset my spawn every 10 seconds... plays like a Battlefield game.

      I'm actually really looking forward to it.

      Biggest issue is side specific weapon's.

      the M16A3(american) kicks arse compared to the Ak-47M(spetsnaz)

      the M16 has a tighter iron sight(which some argue makes it harder to aim). But compared to the AK47 it has faster reload times and much less kick.

      It's always annoying when the 2 sides aren't even

      My beta code had been used, and I just don't have the time to bother anyway to be honest.

      I've never been a huge Battlefield fan. I prefer smaller 4v4 shooters. Just the elitist wannabe pro gamer in me.

    Space Marine? Finally played it yet?

    Also, what was the hightlight of your trip?
    Are you glad to be back?
    Did you miss us?
    Will you be joining us when i'm in sydney at the end of the month? Please say yes.

      Trip was funn-ish!

      I missed you guys. My wife wanted me to take a break from the site, but I still managed to drop a few comments!

      And Fruit Loops - I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'll be there!

    Did you get a fancy new title to go along with Associate Editor Tracey Lien? So, "Mark Serrels, Editor in Chief and all around Attractive Man" or something along those lines?

    Also, Tracey said she hated pants. Can you confirm this for us?

      Are you getting a flat top with grey sides, smoking a cigar, and yelling at everyone like Jameson from SpiderMan?

      Have you gone all Perry White?

      Are you authorising phone hacks like Rebecca Brooks?

      Enquiring minds want to know.

      Lol at James Mac's comment!

      Nah my title remains the same. I just have someone to boss around now!

      (Even though she's mostly been bossing me around)


    Anyone here read Holy Terror by Frank Miller? It sounds like an okay story, but I don't think Miller's the person to do it.

      Wait, that came out? I thought that was forever delayed like All star batman and robin.

        I think it came out the same week as the New 52, but I couldn't be bothered getting it because I'm not really a fan of Frank Miller.

    Here's one for you - preordered ME3 N7 edition this morning thru EB for the understandably insane TOTAL price of $30 including shipping. They charged my CC. Received an email several hours later saying that they weren't going to honour the price as it was a mistake and would refund the money in up to 2 weeks.

    Can they legally do it if I've paid the whole price up front? Is it worth challenging it :)


      Sounds like a reasonably clear case of mistake, so yeah they probably can.

        Even if technically I've already paid for the item in full?

          The concept is "unilateral mistake". Basically, one might say that EB made a mistake and you knew about it. EB usually charges maximum price for games so we can safely say the $30 was a mistake. You have described the price as "understandably insane" so we can also safely say you knew about it.

          This is all theoretical though. Just play dumb and ask for your game. They may give it to you. It's worth fighting I reckon.

            If you're interested.

    Mass Effect Multiplayer rumours.

    Thoughts and opinions?

      I don't think it'll happen, and I very much hope it won't.

      I think it's just the ME3 equivilent of the Cerberus Network. Online functionallity (that requires an online pass) but not multiplayer as such.

      Also I bloody hope not - ME is about a great Sci-Fi single player story. :(

      EA said they wouldn't release a game without multiplayer. Incredibly they blame Mirror's Edge sales on the fact that it didn't have multi.

      So yeah, I wouldn't put it past EA.

      God I hope it doesn't happen.

    Mark, where are my Diablo 3, Dota 2 and new counterstrike beta keys?
    Also skyward sword this christmas?

      I was under the impression Skyward Sword was dated for November?

    What great moments did I miss out on at the Rage event I couldn't make? (everyone said it was fun)

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