Assassin's Creed Heavily Inspires Indian Movie. Blows Our Minds.

Indian films are famous for their dance numbers. Tamil super hero flick Velayudham has them in spades. It also has what looks either Ezio or Altair from the Assassin's Creed games — make that, really looks.

Velayudham follows Indian actor Vijay as a milkman who becomes a vigilante to wipe out corruption.

The similarities have not been lost on Indian cinema goers, with many bloggers calling out the film for its Assassin's Creed similarities—some of which go beyond mere inspiration or hommage.

Velayudham was supposed to be released last July, but it's been moved to Oct. 26.

The movie's US theatrical rights were recently sold, meaning that if you live the States, perhaps you can see it in a theatre near you.

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    Wait so Velayutham ripped a scene from the Assassin's Creed Web series?

    hahha 'aascar'

    What an insult to my favourite series. How did it even get the theatrical rights without getting a court letter from ubi?

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