Attention Digimon Masters: Your MMO Game Is Ready

The real world and the Digital World collide once more (in English!) as Joymax officially launches Digimon Masters, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which 38-year-old game journalists can live out their secret Digimon fantasies.

Well now, that was a bit more specific than I planned.

What I meant to say is anyone capable of signing up for a free Joymax account can now download and play Digimon Masters, crafting a character from one of four heroes from season five of the cartoon series, picking a partner Digimon (Gaomon!), and then watching the bonds of strengthening friendship take on physical form through Digimon evolution. It's the English language port of a two-year-old Korean game, but it's new to us, and it's free-to-play, with plenty of stuff to buy for those folks that would rather drop some cash.

As the adult owner of a Digimon pillowcase and the theatrical movie on DVD I might be a little excited, but I wouldn't tell you that.

Digimon Masters [Joymax]


    I played the beta of this. It was pretty fun but very generic MMO in terms of quests. I guess the fun part was that you could have 3 digimon at any time, so you had to plan types/elements depending on where you were going and what needed to die. But 90% of quests were "Kill xx of this monster" or "Collect xx drops from this monster".

    New digimon aren't exactly a dime a dozen once you get past the start where they give you a couple, so it does make it exciting to get new ones.

    And sign-up is down. Why am I not surprised.

    I think I will check this out when I get home... assuming I remember.

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