Aussie Nintendo Store - Not As Scary As Last Week

Nintendo has dubbed this week's update as Halloween themed. However, I still think last week was scarier when we got absolutely no games on the eShop. Why? This is a brand new system, brand new online store and it's not doing to well. So what do you do? You ignore it for a week and let it get forgotten. That's not the way to go about things and to think if Nintendo have this little content on the 3DS this early, never mind the Wii and DSi continuing to get ignored.

With that little rant over, let's get onto the updates. There's two games this week.

Burger Time (Game Boy - $4.50) What's this? I thought you said it was a Halloween themed update? Well alright, who knows what's going in Nintendo's head. I assume there is some sort of sentient being under Nintendo's HQ at this stage. Anywho, this is the classic Burger Time Deluxe, it's on the Game Boy - you know the drill.

Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix (Wii - 500 Points - Natsume) Dancing games are quite popular at the moment, well I think they are. My cousin's wife is squealing all over Facebook about Just Dance 3 or something so we'll go with that. Moving on, Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove is a dancing game with a scary theme. Which goes against the entire look of the game which looks all cute and fluffy. Up for some more Wii dancing? Couldn't go wrong with 500 points could you.

Australia misses out on the actual real and only Halloween game this week. Now time to stock up on eggs for Trick or Treaters...


    That pic of the hamburger making me so damn hungry!

    I still have buyers remorse for getting the 3DS. It's become more of a decor piece than anything.

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