Aussie Nintendo Store - Rapping Cats Man

This week's updates have been unleashed and while there's no double duo of Mario and Zelda this week, there are a couple of cool games that might tickle your fancy. Funny saying that, will have to Google it later and make sure I haven't declared war on someone.

3DS Virtual Console Catrap (Game Boy, $4.50) - Catrap is a marvellous game, it's about a young kitten who's had a hard life growing up, he finds music and gets back on track after becoming a pro rapper. There was even a movie about it starring Eminem. Well alright, not really but what the game is really about isn't that bad either. Naturally you're playing as a cat, and you get trapped. You'll need rewind time to make sure you can escape, sound familiar? Well the concept actually started in this game, not that fancy Prince of Persia game, nor that Blinx game (which also had a cat).

DSiWare Extreme Hangman (Gamelion, 200 Points/$3 on eShop) - Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking, boring Hangman, get over it. No, you'd be wrong - because this is Extreme Hangman you nonce. It also has a two at the end, this is some sort of quantitative statement I believe.


    I really liked the first description of Catrap :(

    I apologize for reading that as "Raping Cats Man".

      Could have been Loving Scat Man too.

        The exciting prequel to the Blinx series. Why does Blinx go to the future? To forget the past...

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