Australians: Bask In The Glory Of The Last Story's Local Release

Being a gamer in Australia has plenty of low points, on that point we can all agree. Local prices, staggered release dates — it seems like the entire world wants to step on our fragile hearts. It is for this reason that we should look upon the local release of The Last Story and rejoice.

The Last Story is now joining the exclusive group of great Wii titles that have been released in Australia, but not the US. It's an exclusive list, populated mostly by Xenoblade Chronicles, so this is a moment to savour.

The evidence? Vooks had a quick look at the Classification Board's website and found this:

We're currently in contact with Nintendo for a specific release date, but I wouldn't hold your breath!

The Last Story classified for release in Australia [Vooks]


    If I held my breath asking for Australian release dates for Nintendo games I'd look like Arnie at the end of Total Recall. Then again though, there'd be a three-boobed girl...

      Artists impression:

        Hahah! man that reminds me of why I found that scene so disturbing as a kid. Almost NSFW!!

        And no, its not a three-boobed girl.

          less sfw~

            Makes me wish I had three hands (and 5 kids to feed)

            Bears a striking resemblance to Tori Amos, circa 2011 ...

    Awesome, now I should probably get on and finish Xenoblade, so I actually have time to use on this when it comes out.

    Fingers crossed for Pandora's Tower too

      Pandora's Tower was already pretty much confirmed for a PAL release as well.

    Less excited since hearing TLS is fairly average and Xenoblade is superior in every way... still good though.

      It'll be really interesting seeing the reviews. Japanese publications seemed to really like it (going from the Wikipedia page) but from what I've heard on forums around the place, other people who have played it weren't super impressed.

    but, Ruen factory Tides of destiny is only being released in america, so they've got that :(

    pretty excited right now =D!

    "Consisting mainly of Xenoblade Chronicles"


    What is it about games with really cool logos that make me want to buy them? :/ I haven't even seen a trailer for The Last Story...

    Anyway, this is good news for everyone who wanted this. It kind of sucks that there's so many other good games coming out soon that I probably won't have time for this (first world problems, I know... :P). I haven't even gotten around to getting Xenoblade yet!

    There's been a few that I know of, Mark, we've actually done pretty well out of Nintendo.

    Off the top of my head, Disaster: Day of Crisis and the re-release of Pikmin 2. There's likely more.

    OMFG !! FINALLY! Want to play Last Story so bad!

    I kiss you...all of you!

    I just want pandora's tower...

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