Austrian Politician Cleared Of Charges From Anti-Muslim Flash Game

Austrian Politician Cleared Of Charges From Anti-Muslim Flash Game

A court in Graz, Austria today cleared Freedom Party deputy Gerhard Kurzmann of charges brought following last year’s release of anti-Muslim flash game Moschee Baba (“Bye-Bye Mosque”).

Released last year as a political advertisement for the Freedom Party, Moschee Baba was a relatively short flash game in which players shot stop signs at minarets, mosques and muezzin. The game played for a minute, after which the player was polled to see if they supported a ban on Muslim buildings, attire and if Muslims living in Austria should be forced to swear to Austrian law over that of the Koran.

The whole thing was essentially a political advertisement created for Kurzmann, who at the time was running for governor of the south-eastern province of Styria at the time. Not only did he lose his bid, he was also charged with inciting religious hatred and defaming a religion.

Charges that Judge Christoph Lichtenberg cleared Kurzmann of today, saying “It did not reach the threshold of incitement and I would also say this was not the intention.”

While the prosecution plans to appeal the verdict, the Freedom Party took the decision as a legitimization of their original anti-Muslim point.

The Freedom Party said the ruling showed that “the question of whether mosque-building should be banned is being discussed all over Europe and that it is a completely legitimate debate”, Reuters news agency reported.

Austria deputy Kurzmann cleared over anti-Muslim game [BBC]


  • Humanity doesn’t evolve it just goes round in circles. As technology and understanding of the world grows you would think we would move forward not backward. But here we are 2011 and far right political factions keep forming.

    • As long as A political party is fighting the islamification of europe or IslamoFascism within Europe it doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum they have been labelled.

      I don’t condone this game, it is obviously not helping the problem, but sitting back and complaining of apparent ‘far right’ political factions that are looking out for YOUR interests as a westerner isn’t either.

      • Sorry but a game that deliberately provokes Muslims with inflammatory game mechanics is doing the exact opposite of “looking out for my interests as a westerner.” If anything, this kind of shit furthers the divide between faiths – the exact opposite of what needs to be done.

      • I find the word IslamoFascism amusing as fascism is ultra nationalistic view yet you tack a religious prefix to it.

        If you are for a political party fighting fascism say fascism and no prefix is required… unless you only against one type of facsism and are for the other.

  • Oh no, people of a certain religion have children and work in government. Whoopdidoo. What’s gonna happen, are they going to impose Sharia law on everyone? I seriously doubt it.

    Look at Turkey, 99% Muslim; completely secular.

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