Batman: Arkham Asylum Action Figures May Be Late, But They're Still Great

We're on the cusp of enjoying the next great Batman game, but if you're a big, big fan of the last one, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Square Enix has some might fine action figures you might be interested in.

We saw Batman and Joker in their highly articulated, nicely sculpted polyvinyl chloride at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but it looks like we won't be able to repeatedly pose these mortal enemies in their Arkham Asylum forms until early 2012.


    These are from the Play Arts series aren't they?

    They are gorgeous. If they're going for the same price as other Play Arts figures, they'll be about $60-$90 depending on your retailer. Not too shabby.

    That batman fig is BOSS!!

    Do want!

    One of the best figures I've ever seen

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