Batman: Arkham City Has Broken Street Date [Update]

Batman: Arkham City Has Broken Street Date [Update]

Batman: Arkham City Has Broken Street Date [Update] We’ve just gotten word that JB Hi-fi is now selling Batman: Arkham City ahead of its release date this Wednesday. We’re not sure exactly who was first to break street date at this moment, but we’ve had confirmation from JB Hi-fi in Pitt Street Mall that they are now selling the game. We expect all other specialist retailers to follow.

We also spoke to EB, who at this point are not selling the game early, but it’s possible that they haven’t heard about the break yet.

We’ll update this story with more news as we get it.

Thanks for the tip Batguy!

UPDATE: EB has updated via its Facebook page. It’s now selling the game. GAME has followed suit, updating via its twitter account.


    • they are enforced. It just never reaches the public what happens to the stores that sell early. But believe me, they are enforced.

    • I think only the standard edition. I got a sms from my local JB saying that my Collectors edition has been “delayed”. Delayed til when… probably the official release date.

      • The delay is from stores not receiving stock yet, not a street date enforcement. I know some stores won’t receive their PS3 collector’s editions until the end of the week.

  • Just called my local JB to confirm.

    They “haven’t broken street date” but they’re selling them.

    $79 for the game, $89 if you want a copy with the pre-order DLC (Batman TAS and Earth Zero costumes, Robin Challenge maps and Red Robins costume).

    I don’t know if that’s worth $10, but I was going to pay that price anyhow…

    • The same here in Melbourne, just asked, they arnt ‘offically’ selling it to Wednesday but told me i can go in and ask for it and they will let me buy one.

    • Calling the MacArthur Central store as well right now. They got their shipment in ten minutes ago and it’s the same, $79 for standard $89 for preorder DLC content.

      Should be standard across Brisbane stores.

      • WTF? I hate that, using pre-order DLC as a means to not price match seeing as the DLC potentially makes the “SKU” unique.

        We talk about legitimate consumers being screwed by store specific DLC, but now they are punishing people that pre-order.

        The whole idea of pre-order DLC was to give a bonus for intent to buy on Day 1 and locally at a store, now it’s something we have to pay for.

        • You’re 100% right but at least in JB’s case, the preorder DLC does actually offer additional value outside of the horse armour. The Robin challenge maps don’t appear to be available from any other retailer in Australia, so this is the only way we can get them.

          To be honest, if it wasn’t offered as a preorder bonus for free beforehand, I would not have minded the idea of a retailer exclusive DLC.

  • I still don’t understand the point of the modern ‘street date’. I mean if one major retailer sells it, most other major retailers will too. So why do we even pretend it’s release is important? Are there consequences for the retailers? I don’t get it.

    This isn’t a complaint btw, just an honest question.

    • The other big retailers are aloud to sell it, because it’s an advantage to the company that broke the street date whilst the other companys may lose a sale if they dont break it too.

    • The larger a publisher the more they can potentially punish a retailer. Though punishment is usually tied to future dealings.

      Generally it can be something as simple as not shipping games until post release date or other publisher ill will but rarely in a direct way.

      If a competitor broke a street date when I worked at a JB we’d escalate the issue via our corporate to the publisher who would then allow us to sell early so we didn’t lose sales and they could then deal directly with the spice of the leak.

      But truth is when I worked there, the majority of street dates ended up being broken, which was over a year ago. It’s not a new phenomenon.

  • Even with the street date broken I’m waiting till wednesday to pick it up. I need some time to finish a few assignments free from distractions.

  • Mark – You should do a story around street dates in general.
    There is a lot of guessing from gamers in forums and the like as to the reasons why they are enforced, the penalties in place, what constitutes a break, why publishers feel the need to use them, how the major retailers feel about them (must use up a lot of staff time) and whether the fervor they generate is an Australian only thing… (looking at Forza and NBA 2K forums days before official release, Australia was the only country mentioned in specific threads dealing with early release…)

      • Thanks Mark – Yeah I had read that one prior.
        It’s amazing though the amount of effort from the gaming community that goes into breaking street dates – the big question is why they continue to be enforced?
        Without knowing precisely why, who knows if the reasoning is valid?
        As you’ve stated previously it is rare that the breach fines are enforced so why do the retailers play the game? (One look at the EBgames facebook page shows a glimpse of the effort they have to exert to maintain street date and customer satisfaction).

        I would’ve thought in the interest of quelling the misnomers and making the gaming community more aware of the reasons behind street dates, that the retailers and/or publishers would be happy to share so that they could maybe minimise some of the issues currently generated…

        • There’s probably some money to be made in running a freight company that could gaurantee the goods wouldn’t arrive until the morning of the street date.

          • There’s a fair bit of money to be made in bribes from retailers who want it earlier in order to not have to worry about late shipments screwing up the release for them.

  • Both GAME and EB Games websites have been updated to state, In Stock / Out Now on the product pages…

    Not sure if this is filtering down to individual stores though, perhaps only the stores that have a JB nearby.

  • ozgameshop, I hope you shipped the game two weeks ago and it’s waiting on my doorstep… or I will cry.

    (Re: above statement, I would give someone my man card, but my wife looks after it for me)

  • Well Australia according to some is not part of a global release (cough cough Star Wars Old Republic cough cough) so there was no street date to break in the first place.

  • Mark, could you maybe go talk to some publishers about the rampant disregard for street dates we’re seeing? It’s ridiculous. Why don’t they react negatively to this sort of thing?

  • I don’t mind mine is paid for but yes it does suck and if they can do it why can’t you and for all we know EB is probably going to do it and not tell you

    • When you grabbed your copy from Rundle JB, did they give you a card for the Robin pre-order DLC? Grabbed mine from there and the dude told me it is all in the CE box.
      I was too tired to question it at the time but I’m pretty sure that’s not right. Common sense says I should just open the box and check but I’m not in a position to open the box just now.

        • Cheers for that, I noticed that when I got home but never got around to coming back on here until now. Only one that’s not working out of all the DLC codes is the Robin one so far but I’ll have another crack tomorrow night.

  • Isn’t it obvious by now that broken street dates are “brick and mortar” game stores’ way of stealing sales from digital distributors?

    It pisses me off so much! I can’t buy a game off Steam for the US price because EB and Game whinge about unfair advantage, forcing Steam to use the Australian retail price instead. Then, when it comes time to release the game, they just break the street date while Steam purchasers have to wait, giving the unfair advantage to themselves instead!

    It’s despicable.

    • And even when these shops break the release date if it is a Steam enabled game you can’t install it till the actual release date. So PC gamers get screwed while console get it workign earlier.

  • My only concern is that, since I won’t be able to get to a JB until Wednesday anyway, the extra DLC stuff will still be availalble like I ordered

  • I actually didn’t know it was coming out so soon. I never finished the first one (I know, I know) and I figured I still had some time. I’ll probably just buy it anyway and backtrack later.

  • Alas, am stuck at work until 5:30. Does anyone know if Big W is SA has it/ has broken it? The only retailer between me and home open tonight!

    • Call them and ask to be put through to the entertainment department. Just ask if they have any copies and if they’re selling them.

      The Big Ws I go to are really haphazard with their games. Some they’ll have early and cheap, others might take a few weeks to come in (like the ICO/SOTC pack).

      • Unfortunately this had to come the week I’m not at my usual abode- there I’m walking distance to a gametraders that stays open til 9

  • I’m sorry, but this is a really dicky move. If the street date was after the US, I can get it, but releasing it before the World Wide release date is the wrong thing to do to promote our country in the industry’s eyes.

    That said, BATMAN!

  • EB Lutwyche only has Xbox 360 versions in stock. No Batman for me until tomorrow/Thursday when stock comes in 🙁


      • I turned my PS3 off in disgust, didn’t get past the screen where you can choose to put in the code, buy it (no content in the store) or move on without Catwoman.

        If it wasn’t part of the story mode, then I’d be fine. But it is and I want that full experience.

        What an absolute load of shit.

      • Yep, switched off my PS3 in anger aswell (only to switch it back on to check out ‘Under the Red Hood’). I hope rocksteady dont punish us and have sony unlock the ability to download the code.

  • yea thats all well and good, but they dont hav the collectors in stock as i just found out so i reckon its un fair to release the game if they dont hav the collectors in stock, cause i paid good money to get the game on release and then i still hav to wait, i hav to wait after everybody else who can just walk up and but it because of this early release. i say they should make it illegal for stores to do this.

  • 4:03 Finished work
    4:16 Ran into JB, a tall sweaty mess.
    4:21 Bought Arkham City
    4:30 Caught the train
    5:00 … Dentist

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

  • i didnt know that EB has a policy that they sell your CE if you dont pick it up at least 48 hrs after release date?? so does this possibly mean that if you dont pick it up before wednesday they will just sell off your CE?
    note this was told to me by a GAME staff member just 15 minutes ago

    • Depends on the store – i have had them hold my Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition for 1 and a half weeks without even notifying them to hold it for that long while i have heard some EB’s sell it off the second it reaches past 48 or in some cases 24 hours unless you ask them to hold it.

      Personally i would call them up and ask them to hold onto it if you had a preorder there.

    • Basically they reserve the right to sell it if there’s demand for it and you haven’t picked it up. It doesn’t happen often, but it can – it’s a real dirtbag thing to do, but I guess if they think some guy isn’t gonna come pick up some $150+ collector’s edition that they could sell, upsetting him over his $20 deposit isn’t chief among their concerns.

    • Works on the 360 version, I’ve downloaded it and played a little bit of the first Catwoman mission (it comes up after a little bit of Batman play, not sure how long because I discovered the magic of sidequests).

  • *cue that “loud abrupt action” you see in movies that makes everybody stop and look at you”

    This is important – what is the go with the Catwoman stuff?

    I had planned to play the game after inputting that code first. Everywhere I read about the game, I am being _told_ to do this.

    Might we be seeing the whole point to Square/Eidos’ doing this particular sort of Online Pass/DLC content, being played out as we speak?

  • just got the game from JB. but the DLC include the catwoman is not available yet.

    Sucks that catwoman DLC is tied-in with the story mode. I guess I’ll wait until the DLC is available before start playing it…

  • The reason it is bad, is Marketting may have big plans for it to increases sales and what not. Launch Parties, special count down events, etc, etc.
    Breaking street date may be great for the average joe consumer, but it hurts sales and this eventually trickles down to that consumer. Often people miss the point of having firm street dates… mores the pity…

  • Just picked mine up from Essendon DFO JB hi-fi (Melb). Can play the game, but none of the redeem codes work…perhaps they have’t been activated?

  • Went down to my jb where I pre-ordered the PS3 c.e. after ringing and making sure they are selling it. I was told that the c.e. is darlayed until Friday and what Warner bros has told them to do is give a free copy of the standard edition and then come back and pick up the other copy on Friday. So that’s what has happened with me. I have been given a free (to keep copy) of the std edition and will get my C.E. on Friday. I’m not going to start te game until weds when the catwomen dlc is available but I consider that a win-win. I get two copies and the game early.

    • The free copy is a promo copy – not a standard edition – on the back in small printing next to the barcode is “not for separate sale” so dont be disappointed if come friday you go in to trade this copy and get rejected

      • No, there isn’t any indication of that on the box. Just a regular barcode with regular things on it. It is a regular stardard edition. I wish it was a Promo copy, as that would be rarer and I don’t plan on trading it in, anyway. Call me crazy but the C.E. just has paper sleve type package for the disk so I would rather a hard plastic case for the protection of the game.

          • I was the first person to come in the store and try and pick up the pre-order so he seemed like he was kind of aware what was going on but seemed like he hadn’t quite worked it out yet. Maybe he was meant to give me the Promo one but he got it wrong.

  • Question: is this non PC versions only? I preordered a PC version on Friday and was told it would be out Wednesday, but from reading these comments it looks like only XBox/PS3 versions are out at the moment?

    • The Catwoman DLC is to encourage people buying new, the Robin challenge maps and alternate costumes were preorder bonuses.

      As far as I can tell, the Catwoman content is in every copy and shouldn’t be an issue. Only the Robin challenge maps and Batman costumes (which are new game plus only) will cost extra if you buy from JB.

  • Nuts! I’ve pre-ordered months ago the CE via the JB website, so all the info I’m seeing is don’t expect it till next week?!?

  • Hell yes! This game is all I’ve been talking about for the last month! I just don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight, and of my local JB doesn’t have my CE in stock when I get there tomorrow morning D:

  • Grabbed a PS3 copy on the way to the train tonight.

    It sucks how the Catwoman code doesn’t work (yet the game required an update when I put the disc in!) but I’ll play through a Catless game on Easy, then replay on hard with the code unlocked.

  • Been playing it the last two hours and to all you ordering it online and waiting the two weeks or whatever, I mean yeah just saying its such a disappointment hey and don’t worry yourselves it really sucks. It’s so crap, don’t worry and…

    ZOMG ITS THE FREAKIN BEST GAME EVER! IT’S GREAT! ITS BRILLIANT! OMG IM BATMAN AND IM KICKIN ASS ALL ROUND! OMFG ITS SO FUN!!!!!! HAHA SUCKED IN WAITING THAT LONG! AHAHAHA! Im now gonna regain my composure and go play again. It’s so sweet this game 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀



  • I got my copy today (PS3 Version) and none of the DLC is working yet. I think the point of the official release date was so the DLC would be available too. It’s a bit annoying, because now I have to wait until Wednesday for the Catwoman missions that are supposed to be integrated in the main story… I think.

    • I called Playstation Support and they are VERY aware of the issue – as soon as I said Arkham City he knew what my question would be, haha.

      The DLC will (hopefully) be available on PSN tomorrow in line with the actual launch. If it isn’t made available then, it’ll probably be alongside the next PSN Store update on Thursday (night?). Not a great answer, but it’s an answer.

  • Yea. I’ll skip the Catwoman stuff. It wasn’t in the game to start with and I can’t imagine why I’d put my PS3 on the internet just for that.

    I’ll enjoy the game the way they sold it. Which, so far, is quite a lot. I’d bang Joker so hard! Oh yea, I went there.

  • I pre ordered the collectors edition from JB Months ago and got a text yesterday saying it was ready to be picked up. I have already played it for about 3 hours 🙂

  • Picked up Batman today from jbhifi adelaide, catwoman dlc bonus code doesnt work. Hopefully tomorrow it will work if that is the official release date. Anyone any idea if that would be right?

  • Don’t know what happened with my preorder, I ordered CE, got told they were sold out, got LTD ED instead, went to pick up, they had both on hold and wanted me to take both…

    Needless to say I have the CE next to me, but can’t play till I finish Dead Island!

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