Batman: Arkham City Has Broken Street Date [Update]

We've just gotten word that JB Hi-fi is now selling Batman: Arkham City ahead of its release date this Wednesday. We're not sure exactly who was first to break street date at this moment, but we've had confirmation from JB Hi-fi in Pitt Street Mall that they are now selling the game. We expect all other specialist retailers to follow.

We also spoke to EB, who at this point are not selling the game early, but it's possible that they haven't heard about the break yet.

We'll update this story with more news as we get it.

Thanks for the tip Batguy!

UPDATE: EB has updated via its Facebook page. It's now selling the game. GAME has followed suit, updating via its twitter account.


    This seems to be happening a lot lately.

      Just so folks see it:

      Previous article exploring street date breaks.

      Sorry Linksterman! :)

    I love how enforced embargos are there days :/

      they are enforced. It just never reaches the public what happens to the stores that sell early. But believe me, they are enforced.

    That will teach me for pre-ordering 35 minutes ago from the online GAME shop.

      i feel your pain i preordered it this

      Cancel it then.

        He'd lose his $10 then :(

          If you preordered from EB Games, you wouldn't loose your deposit... just saying...

            Nice try EB games staff...

    Who says everyone else will sell the game? Forza 4 was broken, but MS only allowed localised breaks in the embargo.

    Collector's Edition as well? DOES ANYONE KNOW!?

      I think only the standard edition. I got a sms from my local JB saying that my Collectors edition has been "delayed". Delayed til when... probably the official release date.

        I have the CE in my hands. EB at Hyperdome, Loganholme QLD.

        The delay is from stores not receiving stock yet, not a street date enforcement. I know some stores won't receive their PS3 collector's editions until the end of the week.

    This is becoming remarkably commonplace for big releases.

    Any chance publishers would react negatively?




    Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god. *runs in circles* I need to get out of this library STAT!







    JB in Burke St, Melbourne are apparently selling it now (or will be by about 3.30)

    Just called my local JB to confirm.

    They "haven't broken street date" but they're selling them.

    $79 for the game, $89 if you want a copy with the pre-order DLC (Batman TAS and Earth Zero costumes, Robin Challenge maps and Red Robins costume).

    I don't know if that's worth $10, but I was going to pay that price anyhow...

      The same here in Melbourne, just asked, they arnt 'offically' selling it to Wednesday but told me i can go in and ask for it and they will let me buy one.

      Calling the MacArthur Central store as well right now. They got their shipment in ten minutes ago and it's the same, $79 for standard $89 for preorder DLC content.

      Should be standard across Brisbane stores.

        WTF? I hate that, using pre-order DLC as a means to not price match seeing as the DLC potentially makes the "SKU" unique.

        We talk about legitimate consumers being screwed by store specific DLC, but now they are punishing people that pre-order.

        The whole idea of pre-order DLC was to give a bonus for intent to buy on Day 1 and locally at a store, now it's something we have to pay for.

          You're 100% right but at least in JB's case, the preorder DLC does actually offer additional value outside of the horse armour. The Robin challenge maps don't appear to be available from any other retailer in Australia, so this is the only way we can get them.

          To be honest, if it wasn't offered as a preorder bonus for free beforehand, I would not have minded the idea of a retailer exclusive DLC.

    Epic! Was hoping it would, I've just started a week of annual leave today!

    Just gonna call my local EB then jump in the car! :D

    I still don't understand the point of the modern 'street date'. I mean if one major retailer sells it, most other major retailers will too. So why do we even pretend it's release is important? Are there consequences for the retailers? I don't get it.

    This isn't a complaint btw, just an honest question.

      The other big retailers are aloud to sell it, because it's an advantage to the company that broke the street date whilst the other companys may lose a sale if they dont break it too.

      The larger a publisher the more they can potentially punish a retailer. Though punishment is usually tied to future dealings.

      Generally it can be something as simple as not shipping games until post release date or other publisher ill will but rarely in a direct way.

      If a competitor broke a street date when I worked at a JB we'd escalate the issue via our corporate to the publisher who would then allow us to sell early so we didn't lose sales and they could then deal directly with the spice of the leak.

      But truth is when I worked there, the majority of street dates ended up being broken, which was over a year ago. It's not a new phenomenon.


    God damn overseas ordering, God damn it to hell!

    Even with the street date broken I'm waiting till wednesday to pick it up. I need some time to finish a few assignments free from distractions.

    The lame thing about a broken street date is that it usually only breaks for the city it happens in.

      Judging by the comments it seems to be whoever has stock in.

        Well I called up and they said until they get an e-mail stating that the street date has broken they won't be selling it until Wednesday.

    Belconnen and Fyshwick JB are selling now too.

    * Huddles in corner crying while waiting impatiently for the PC release *

    We can't be far from consoles needing an unlock key like steam to be downloaded.

    Any word on Collectors editions being in for those that pre-ordered.

    Mark - You should do a story around street dates in general.
    There is a lot of guessing from gamers in forums and the like as to the reasons why they are enforced, the penalties in place, what constitutes a break, why publishers feel the need to use them, how the major retailers feel about them (must use up a lot of staff time) and whether the fervor they generate is an Australian only thing... (looking at Forza and NBA 2K forums days before official release, Australia was the only country mentioned in specific threads dealing with early release...)

      Hard to get retailers and publishers to talk about this kind of thing.

      I did that feature about the Ocarina of Time street date break if you're interested. That was similar to what you're describing.

        Thanks Mark - Yeah I had read that one prior.
        It's amazing though the amount of effort from the gaming community that goes into breaking street dates - the big question is why they continue to be enforced?
        Without knowing precisely why, who knows if the reasoning is valid?
        As you've stated previously it is rare that the breach fines are enforced so why do the retailers play the game? (One look at the EBgames facebook page shows a glimpse of the effort they have to exert to maintain street date and customer satisfaction).

        I would've thought in the interest of quelling the misnomers and making the gaming community more aware of the reasons behind street dates, that the retailers and/or publishers would be happy to share so that they could maybe minimise some of the issues currently generated...

          There's probably some money to be made in running a freight company that could gaurantee the goods wouldn't arrive until the morning of the street date.

            There's a fair bit of money to be made in bribes from retailers who want it earlier in order to not have to worry about late shipments screwing up the release for them.

    Both GAME and EB Games websites have been updated to state, In Stock / Out Now on the product pages...

    Not sure if this is filtering down to individual stores though, perhaps only the stores that have a JB nearby.

    ozgameshop, I hope you shipped the game two weeks ago and it's waiting on my doorstep... or I will cry.

    (Re: above statement, I would give someone my man card, but my wife looks after it for me)

      I cancelled my ozgameshop order. I'm sick of waiting for games. I'm still waiting for my copy of Rage to arrive. And considering that BigW are selling it Thursday for $68, I can deal with paying $8 extra to get it 2 weeks earlier

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