Batman: Arkham City Has Broken Street Date [Update]

We've just gotten word that JB Hi-fi is now selling Batman: Arkham City ahead of its release date this Wednesday. We're not sure exactly who was first to break street date at this moment, but we've had confirmation from JB Hi-fi in Pitt Street Mall that they are now selling the game. We expect all other specialist retailers to follow.

We also spoke to EB, who at this point are not selling the game early, but it's possible that they haven't heard about the break yet.

We'll update this story with more news as we get it.

Thanks for the tip Batguy!

UPDATE: EB has updated via its Facebook page. It's now selling the game. GAME has followed suit, updating via its twitter account.


    Well Australia according to some is not part of a global release (cough cough Star Wars Old Republic cough cough) so there was no street date to break in the first place.

    Sucks to be a PC Gamer right now :'(

    Mark, could you maybe go talk to some publishers about the rampant disregard for street dates we're seeing? It's ridiculous. Why don't they react negatively to this sort of thing?

      I'm fairly sure there was a story along those lines when the Portal 2 street date was broken.

          And while I was link hunting, Mark beat me to it :P

    I don't mind mine is paid for but yes it does suck and if they can do it why can't you and for all we know EB is probably going to do it and not tell you

    Just picked up mine at JBs Rundle Mall (Adelaide)

      When you grabbed your copy from Rundle JB, did they give you a card for the Robin pre-order DLC? Grabbed mine from there and the dude told me it is all in the CE box.
      I was too tired to question it at the time but I'm pretty sure that's not right. Common sense says I should just open the box and check but I'm not in a position to open the box just now.

        All the codes, including costume codes are located in the game case.

          Cheers for that, I noticed that when I got home but never got around to coming back on here until now. Only one that's not working out of all the DLC codes is the Robin one so far but I'll have another crack tomorrow night.

    Isn't it obvious by now that broken street dates are "brick and mortar" game stores' way of stealing sales from digital distributors?

    It pisses me off so much! I can't buy a game off Steam for the US price because EB and Game whinge about unfair advantage, forcing Steam to use the Australian retail price instead. Then, when it comes time to release the game, they just break the street date while Steam purchasers have to wait, giving the unfair advantage to themselves instead!

    It's despicable.

      And even when these shops break the release date if it is a Steam enabled game you can't install it till the actual release date. So PC gamers get screwed while console get it workign earlier.

    GAME Twitter Updated also...!/GAMEAus

    It's available everywhere people!

    well this is a bit of a pain. im still playing forza3.

    oh well.

    It's the game Kotaku deserves, and the one it needs right now. And so we'll hunt it.

    My only concern is that, since I won't be able to get to a JB until Wednesday anyway, the extra DLC stuff will still be availalble like I ordered

    I actually didn't know it was coming out so soon. I never finished the first one (I know, I know) and I figured I still had some time. I'll probably just buy it anyway and backtrack later.

    Could they possibly do the same with the PC version pl0x? November, Sigh.

    Alas, am stuck at work until 5:30. Does anyone know if Big W is SA has it/ has broken it? The only retailer between me and home open tonight!

      Call them and ask to be put through to the entertainment department. Just ask if they have any copies and if they're selling them.

      The Big Ws I go to are really haphazard with their games. Some they'll have early and cheap, others might take a few weeks to come in (like the ICO/SOTC pack).

        Unfortunately this had to come the week I'm not at my usual abode- there I'm walking distance to a gametraders that stays open til 9

    My local JB only has the xbox version at present. :(

    Bad day to not own a console. PC release seems bloody ages away now!

    My broke ass still has to wait til payday :(

    EB Games are selling it:

    I'm sorry, but this is a really dicky move. If the street date was after the US, I can get it, but releasing it before the World Wide release date is the wrong thing to do to promote our country in the industry's eyes.

    That said, BATMAN!

    EB Lutwyche only has Xbox 360 versions in stock. No Batman for me until tomorrow/Thursday when stock comes in :(


      This is my problem now... BALLS

        I turned my PS3 off in disgust, didn't get past the screen where you can choose to put in the code, buy it (no content in the store) or move on without Catwoman.

        If it wasn't part of the story mode, then I'd be fine. But it is and I want that full experience.

        What an absolute load of shit.

          sorry its rocksteady's fault everyone broke street date
          oh the irony

        Yep, switched off my PS3 in anger aswell (only to switch it back on to check out 'Under the Red Hood'). I hope rocksteady dont punish us and have sony unlock the ability to download the code.

    Tempted to go buy it... then return it when my collectors edition comes from the UK.

    yea thats all well and good, but they dont hav the collectors in stock as i just found out so i reckon its un fair to release the game if they dont hav the collectors in stock, cause i paid good money to get the game on release and then i still hav to wait, i hav to wait after everybody else who can just walk up and but it because of this early release. i say they should make it illegal for stores to do this.

    4:03 Finished work
    4:16 Ran into JB, a tall sweaty mess.
    4:21 Bought Arkham City
    4:30 Caught the train
    5:00 ... Dentist

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

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