Batman: Arkham City Has Broken Street Date [Update]

We've just gotten word that JB Hi-fi is now selling Batman: Arkham City ahead of its release date this Wednesday. We're not sure exactly who was first to break street date at this moment, but we've had confirmation from JB Hi-fi in Pitt Street Mall that they are now selling the game. We expect all other specialist retailers to follow.

We also spoke to EB, who at this point are not selling the game early, but it's possible that they haven't heard about the break yet.

We'll update this story with more news as we get it.

Thanks for the tip Batguy!

UPDATE: EB has updated via its Facebook page. It's now selling the game. GAME has followed suit, updating via its twitter account.


    PC release: November 8th.


    Yeah same release date as MW3 for pc. very strange how they spread it out like that.

    Oh it's a good time to live in Australia... pay extra, but also get the game before the rest of the world!!!!

    Don't know what happened with my preorder, I ordered CE, got told they were sold out, got LTD ED instead, went to pick up, they had both on hold and wanted me to take both...

    Needless to say I have the CE next to me, but can't play till I finish Dead Island!

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