Batman: Arkham City PS3 Vs. Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360. This Is No Two-Face.

Batman: Arkham City is coming to the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the PC. Website CVG compared the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Watch the above clip to see them face off.

Dunno about you, but they look like they're about the same—both look pretty great!

Batman: Arkham City PS3 vs Xbox 360 gameplay [YouTube]


    Comparing Xbox 360 and PS3 head-to-head is so 2007....

    Seems to me like the Cut-scenes look better on PS3 but the game-play on 360 is better.

    I can't really see a difference... Though in the first 1-2 seconds of the video it looks like there might be shadows on Batman's chin on the Ps3 version that aren't on the 360 version, but the angle of the border between the videos makes it hard to tell for me.

    But beyond that, it looked completely identical to me.

    You can see as the divide passes through some of the neon signs at around 20 - 23 seconds that the PS3 version has some extra glow.

    that was about the only obvious difference I picked... but I'm not convinced that it really matters all that much.

    Most comparison, they always put the game for PS3 in darker lighting..

    if the pc version looks like that i'd want my money back

      Did you come all the way in here just to post that?

      Good for you.

      Yeah, awesome! Then you could sit in the corner and sulk about having no Batman to play, while the rest of us have a great time! What a fantastic plan! Well done, sir!

    Without the elitsm, all 3 versions look good.
    Comparing the PS3/360 though, the PS3 has better lighting, that's about it.

    Is there really any point in doing this when they look so similar? I only want to know if one is much worse than the other.

    Honestly can't tell the difference, and to be honest, the game is still awesome while playing it on the xbox360.

    They look fairly similar. The PS3 version is darker, perhaps. And might look very slightly shinier than the 360, but apart from that, no real difference. They did a pretty good job on both systems.

    Hey. Where's that chocolate cake?

    I tend to go PS3 for games released on multiple platforms (bar shooters, that are always gonna be bought for PC), just because I personally prefer the PS3 controller, I don't dislike the xBox controller, just prefer the PS3.
    The one thing I notice playing the PS3 version is full 3D is awesome :)

    i have both systems xbox 360 and ps3
    but i don`t know why i just prefer the ps3 version (maybe cause the lighting and shadows)and also i prefer the ps3 when there are dlc to be downloaded.

    i hope in the future a dlc when batman allies with robin to solve a case...would be awsome...
    (i always hated robin but after this "upgrade" i have to regard again this character)

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