Batman: Arkham City's Robin DLC Woes Should Now Be Fixed

Since the Batman: Arkham City street date break, we've had a barrage of email complaints about pre-order codes not working - particularly with the Robin DLC code. Many believed that it may have been some kind of punishment for those playing the game early, but that is apparently not the case. Rocksteady is aware of the situation and has apparently fixed the issue.

Via its twitter account, Rocksteady is attempting to keep gamers aware of the progress of the solution. According to Rocksteady's twitter, the issues with the Robin DLC is now fixed. Apparently the issue was not on Rocksteady's end, and the team had to work with both Sony and Microsoft internal teams to get things fixed.

Via the twitter, Rocksteady also left this message.

We are aware that some people did not receive the Catwoman code in their game.You will get to play as the sexy thief,stay tuned for update.

More news as we get it.


    My codes still aren't working. I've only managed to activate Catwoman so far. Robin, Earth One and Animated Batman won't work on my PSN

      I'd wager this will be resolved with the Store update tonight/tomorrow.

      can i have that robin code cris crowe

      same thing my code didn't work

    I'm disappointed at the lack of puns in this article.

    Something like

    "Developers Robin you of your DLC"

    would have been nice.

      Don't Bat an eyelid, DLC to be fixed?
      Missing DLC the Bane of your existence?

        "Those Jokers at Rocksteady decide to fix things"

          Check your Calendar-Man... it's out early.

          The cause of the issues remains an E Nigma.

        This whole DLC business is a croc anyway.

          You guys sure are Strange.

            Don't call me strange you two-faced bastard!

    IS this DLC stuff going to be for sale on the store later? I didn't preorder so no bonuses for me, but I kind of want that Animated Series skin.

      I'm jonesing for a Batman of the Future one... but yeah, general concensus is that they'll be available through the marketplace.

      I'm looking forward to doing repeat playthroughs with alternate skins.

      I just wish my order would get here from the UK already.

        u can get the batman future skin if u buy one can of nos energy drink and go to there rewards website even if u dont like the nos its only about 1.99 for that skin

          I'm not even sure they sell that stuff in South Australia.

      Yes, it will be purchasable later on...

    my code didnt work on PSN for the animated batman and robin dlc as well, didn't try the other two just in case they were made invalid for entering them early.

    I entered the codes for 'Earth one', 'Animated' skins and Catwoman yesterday and they all went through without a hitch, yesterday! The only one that didn't go through or was 'not valid' was 'Robin'.

    As for your pun work you guys had me ROTFL!!! you select to the DLC costumes/map packs?

      I actually think you have to finish the game before you can use the Skins.

    I tried a few times yesterday to enter my Catwoman code and got the message "This code has already been redeemed."

    Havent tried it yet today (Im at work) but I called the EB store where I got it and they said a few people have called with the same problem.

      I got the same message yesterday "invalid code or already redeemed" but tried again today and had no problems.

      So, I tried the Catwoman code when I got home today and still its saying "This code has already been redeemed."
      Not happy!

    I just updated firmware to 3.73 (PS3)and tried again and all DLC worked. I doubt they're related but I'm not complaining!!

    Ive got the catwoman costume code working, but not the batman beyond code.

    Is there any word on them selling a retail copy of the Catwoman game? No connected PS3 means no DLC. Just the way I like it.

    So, any word on when we can have the full version of the game? GOTY edition maybe?

    Redeemed my codes this afternoon, for Catwoman, Robin, Earth One Batman, and Animated Batman.

    ...Mine came with two codes for Earth One Batman. Anyone want to do a trade?

    Animated and Earth One were the two LEAST wanted outfits for me... I haven't used it, so if anyone has any other unused codes, wana trade?

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