Batman Hates Sharks. Real Bad.

Artist kay-too sought to "emulate the art style of the marketing for Batman: Arkham City" with this cute piece.

The black & white palette echoes that used on the game's posters and cover art. The punching the shark echoes an unfulfilled dream I had for an entire section of the game.

We're gonna need a bigger POW [DeviantArt]


    Holy sardine!

    He must've ran out of shark repellant spray...

      +100 for Batman history knowledge
      (Adam West's movie for those not following.)

      ...and now pretty much the greatest youtube clip of all time

        beat me too it nice work!

    I thought this was going to be the new LEGO Batman game

    My question is where's the ladder & Batcopter he needs to be dangling from :P

    Greatest movie of ALL time. All time I say.

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