Batman In The Mass Effect Universe? Yes, Please.

Batman's a comic book character, so he's been through more redesigns than I could count. We're about to see another one in the upcoming Arkham City, in fact. I haven't seen many I like as much as this one, though.

It's by Australian video game artist Adam Fisher, who as part of a Comic Con challenge and as a big Mass Effect fan, imagined how the Dark Knight would look with "a Mass Effect vibe".

Mission accomplished. Now, when Mass Effect 3 comes out, if somebody could take the assets and mod him into the actual game, that would be wonderful, thanks!

Portfolio [Adam Fisher]


    lol hopefully some unique dialogue with that.

    Aliens: "Hey what is that!", "whoa!", "nice!"

    humans: "...the f***, damn oldy", "SUPERMAN that ho!", "wrong cosplay a******"

    Wish the Arkham Asylum and City Batman looked more like this and less like a roid monkey.

    Love this. Really interesting concept art.

    Rad concept and design but the body doesn't look "buffed" enough to me. Not that I mean it needs more muscle definition, just things like wider shoulders, broader chest, thicker legs and arms etc.

    Possible to get a larger version of the first image to use as a wallpaper? Something 16:10 would be nice.

    "Don't mess with the bat, young man, you'll get the horns."

    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite vigilante on the Citadel!

    looks amazing, but to fit in more i think he should lose the cape and have full face mask (for outer space travel of course)

    *Renegade Interrupt*

    Batman beating the crap out of a couple of krogan criminals... I'd SO play that game

    I see the blue glowing eyes and can imagine a meeting with the illusive man in that outfit

    me reading the title -

    Batman in the mass effect universe? uhh no

    Gotta admit this is pretty cool, but the most bad ass Batman award in my opinion has to go to the Batman from this DC Universe Online trailer;

    Illusive Man: You need to assemble a crew.

    Shepherd: No problem.

    Illusive Man: You'll need a diverse range of skills. A soldier, an adept, and... a scientist.

    He looks absolutely amazing, but it doesn't even remind me a bit of mass effect, even looking at it right now, i can't tell its suppose to be set in mass effect...

    i had this guy as a tafe lecture he is one awesome artist you guys should check out all his other works on his portfolio

    adz does great stuff

    You could link to the rest of the competition, Luke. There's plenty of other impressive game art in there.

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