Battlefield 3 For Xbox 360 Has Something Special On The Second Disc

Battlefield 3 For Xbox 360 Has Something Special On The Second Disc

The Xbox 360 version of DICE’s Battlefield 3 will ship on two discs — one dedicate to singleplayer, one dedicated to multiplayer. One of those discs will also have something Xbox 360 owners will probably want to clear some hard drive space for.

According to a report from Gamerzines, Battlefield 3‘s second disc will also include an installable higher-resolution texture pack that will make the whole thing look a lot prettier than what’s streaming off the optical disc. That option is “voluntary”, Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Liu says.

Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 has hi-res texture pack on second disc [Gamerzines]


  • Hang on.. So what they are saying is, buy it on this system and you will have a better looking game…

    Complete Bullshit.

    I’m guessing it’s the high res textures from the PC but why would they not have this on PS3? How much did they get paid? Thank god I am playing it on PC.

    • Actully, I think PS3 will have them. The differnce is that PS3 is on a Blu-Ray, so it would be easyer for PS3 to stream the high res pack from one disc. However, as the 360 is on 2, you need to instal it so you can use it with both MP and SP. I see this more as the xBox showing its limitaitons. lol

        • There is only one blu-ray disc on PS3 version and it will have a mandatory install. But you’ll require to install HD installation as well to get the high resolution.

          • Yes, please take ff13, take all of them, bury them next to ET in the middle of the desert.

            Then go and get me Dark Souls which looks SPECTACULAR on both consoles, even better than ff13.

          • You completely missed my point. FF13 looks spectacular, and it has no data installs of any kind. Of course, I’m talking about the PS3 version.

      • Incorrect. According to EA, one disc has MP, co-op mode and HD installation. So you only require to install this disc in order to extend the high resolution for the whole game including the single-player disc. You may install the SP disc (optional) in order to reduce loading time.

      • The BR drive in the PS3 actually has slower access speeds than the Xbox’s DVD drive, which is why there are so many ‘mandatory installs’. I imagine this superior texture pack will be the default one installed with the PS3 game.

      • LOL, because the read speed of Bluray is sooo much higher than DVD. Dream on. You probably have no choice but to install it on PS3.

        • I just want to clarify its not because BR has slower read times, but because the seek speeds of BR have not scaled with the amount of data. A lot of early PS3 games had awful load times because it took so long to seek all the data to load a level as it was all over the place on the structure of the disk, and at the time some devs solved this with installs. Largely this isn’t a problem anymore because people worked out since BR have so much capacity that you can redundantly store all the assets for each level in one place to reduce seek time.

    • Or perhaps, because of the limited disc space, the 360 is the one version that doesn’t get high res textures by default.

    • Erm… where does it mention the PS3?

      Post basically states that the 360 version will have a second disc, allowing you to install it to get better graphics than without.

      Nowhere in the post does it mention any other system.

      • Yeah because this is the only place on the Internet that talks about this topic. It’s for ps3 aswell prob an extra download.

        • Extra download? Hahaha, if the PS3 doesn’t have the high-res pack be default, it’ll be available on-disc as an option.

          On the one disc.

      • Pretty much an entire generation of PS3 vs 360 games beg to differ. Hard disk streaming is better than DVD and Blu-ray. The end. The reason.

    • You’re allowed to require people to install the game on PS3, not so on 360 (due to not all consoles having a hard drive).

      I’d imagine the high res textures would be the only option on PS3 (taking up a sizeable chunk of HDD space) but merely an option on 360 so that anyone could play the game.

    • The beta sizes were identical for both ps3 and xbox and graphically very similar.

      I’m sure the extra resolution packs that they are unable to fit in the size of the console versions of the beta will bring it in line with what we have come to expect of dice.

      So for both consoles the higher res experience will need an install.

      Overall just relived that the quality will be better on final release for both consoles

  • Looking from an alternatve direction it sounds like BF3 is definitely a PC build first game. The reason I say this is the hard drive situation. Remember the load time change when playing Half Life 2 once installed to drive. This was based on the way PC games producers utilise their memory. It’s clear that having the high res texture set on drive will mean small page file.

    The upshot of all this is either we’re going to have a highly polished game that has been well compressed and optimised or we’ll find the 360 is just too old to keep up.

    As a 360 player I’m hoping for the former.

  • Wow its funny how up in arms some people are getting over BF3. The article is a little bit of a miss communication. Its pretty much bringing texture quality to the xbox that it otherwise would not be able to display. Does anyone know if it will be in 60fps, or standard 30

  • I believe that ign confirmed with dice that thetexture pack is an optional install on the Xbox but it is installed automatically on the standard ps3 install as it is on the one bluray disc. Its also because some Xboxes don’t have hard drives.
    Way to go kotaku in starting a flame war.

  • From the article quoted:

    “We went hands-on with both versions of the game yesterday, and in terms of visuals, the Xbox 360 version certainly took the edge over the PS3 version.”

    PS3, U mad bro?

  • I don’t know why so many people give a crap about how the game looks on Xbox… I’d be more worried about how it performs. Playing the beta has really put me off BF3, it’s just unplayable and I doubt it’ll get much better.

  • may aswell be a minecraft texturepack when you look at people with graphic cards in their PCs worth more than both the 360 and ps3 put together

  • I’ve been trying to find on the web, info about the space that the high-res option would bee needing in the HDD……… does anybody have a clue about it ??? I used to have a 250 gigs HDD on my modern warfare 2 special edition xbox but it went usless by no reason twice !!! so I ended with a 20 gigs… so I’m kinda worried about these pack size

    • Every game I’ve installed takes about 7gig per disc.

      If your hard drive has corrupted and you’ve lost 230gig of space though, you REALLY need to return it. Now. Go. Stop reading this. Return your xbox.

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