Battlefield 3 Has 99 Problems, And A Glitch Is One

Now that the full version of Battlefield 3 is out, we can take a look back at some of the best glitches that the beta brought us, courtesy of this YouTube video!

EA ran an advertisement using the song "99 Problems" by Jay-Z, which ensured us that a bitch is not one of Battlefield 3's problems. A glitch, though, is another story.

The video features many hilarious bugs compiled into one concise clip with Jay-Z's song playing over it. While it's not too long, it's quite entertaining, so check it out!


    I'm so proud. At least you've accoplished something with life.

    Wow that is so poorly programmed. Now even a finished product looks weak because you know a bandaid is the only thing stopping the arms from going through the body.

    But most of those were from the beta. You can tell because it often has a grey box in the top right corner.

      "we can take a look back at some of the best glitches that the BETA brought us"

      Yeah,they're all from the beta, but I stil encounter a few classics (bugs/glitches) in the finished product, so hopefully they will get sorted out soon.

    I know it sounds aounds stupid, but I actually miss the glitchy beta a little bit... it was just so damn funny!

    Am I the only one who encountered no glitches in the beta? (Aside from minor clipping issues)

      I only had 1 problem and that was the white flicker every now and then

    Glitches in a Beta! Unheard of!

    I see flashes of green

    I spent yesterday running through the single player game yesterday and came across a number of minor glitches and one game ending one.

    I remember a time when glitches in major games were the stuff of legends (eg. Mario's world -1). Is it just me or are glitches becoming more common place in the current generation of games?

      of course it is! games are infinately more complex nowadays. deal with it.

        "Games are more complex" is an excuse for longer development time, not glitches. Especially in the single player corridor shooter experience. I am more understanding of open world games.

        "Oh I am sorry sir, you expected the brakes on your car to work every time you used them? It is to be expected, cars are more complex nowadays."

    My favourite was the "TurtleMan" glitch where you would see the enemy on the kill cam and their arms and next would be elongated, looked hilarious.

    I find it funny how no-one has noticed that this footage is from the Beta...

      I think most people who have commented know that it is Beta footage.

    I personally encountered more glitches in the single player than I did in the beta. In the beta I only came across falling though the map. In the single player I've had AI not acknowledging my existence, getting stuck in a tank and not being able to move, not loading character models (I did the final fight quick time event without Solomon being visible, it was like I was in Fight Club) and dead characters standing around like scarecrows. I've had no issues with the multiplayer at all which is good.

    LOL - the main glitches I saw was dead bodies drifting across the map and spawning on guys who were under the map and the only way you could get out was to suicide and start again.

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