Battlefield 3 Has Broken Street Date! [Update: EB And GAME Now Selling]

We've just gotten word that Battlefield 3 has broken street date. According to a store rep from JB Hifi Chatswood, Target started selling the game early, which has resulted in JB Hifi also deciding to sell the game a day ahead of its release date tomorrow.

We expect all other specialist retailers to follow suit and will update with more news as we get it.

UPDATE: Both EB and GAME have not begun selling the game at this point, but a store rep in JB Hifi Kotara informed us that they've just received word that, since one of their competitors have begun selling the game, all JB Hifi stores can now follow suit.

UPDATE 2: EB Games has now confirmed via their twitter account that they are now selling Battlefield 3.

UPDATE 3: GAME has also now confirmed that they are selling Battlefield 3.


    Breaking street date is just sop nowadays it seems.

    It's probably about time to start reporting when something doesn't break street date.

      Ironically I was going to do a joke post along those lines if BF3 kept street date.

        Haha, it will certainly be news now if some future title does keep street date!

        Yeah, I also plan on making jokes weeks ahead!

    lol street date.... Started playing yesterday, problem?

      Yeah I'm pretty sure my brother has had this since Monday! Although he said he couldn't take it online yet!

    That'll put a dampener on those midnight launches.

    I think my housemates copy arrived today - I had to sign for something and I know he was waiting on it.

    They should start advertising the date the game gets shipped to their store instead of the release date. Would make things a lot simpler for us.

    If I cared about BF3 I guess I'd be excited.

      This seems like one of the most pointless comments ever. A dig at the game disguised as actual input

      If you didn't care about BF3, why open a post about BF3 and then comment on it?

      Troll much?!?!?

    Funny for 2 reasons... The amount of Midnight releases, and the Xbox servers being down.

    good old chatswood. should have stopped there on the way back from uni. then again, probably not going to buy bf3.

    watch MW3 do the same thing. Though i anticipate possibly more than just 12 hours ahead of time.

    Just got an email from Origin that said the game will unlock on the 26th now instead of the 27th. Just tried it then, apparently it has simply moved to midnight tonight instead of 1000 tomorrow.

      Do the proxy trick, I'm playing already!!! It's amazeballs!!

      I'm pretty surprised by this street date break. Generally for massive titles like this, Street Dates are adhered to. That being said, they should have launched Tuesday night, in line with the rest of the world. MW3 is doing that, and unless someone has the balls (stupidity?) to sell it on Monday, street date won't be broken.

        This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

          Was that necessary? Really?

          Wow! Bad day at the office? Or are you just jealouse that I have been playing BF3 already and its AMAZEBALLS!!!

          Also, nice username. I like that purpose of your link is it tell everyone that AMAZEBALLS doesn't make sense, then you have a name like that? Is it your attempt at irony?

          Oh, by the way....AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!

    goddamit, why does this always happen when I'm at work or otherwise away from home...

    Arkham City broke while I was still on the Gold Coast from the EB Expo, and this has broken while I'm at work :(

    does a game have a street date when everyone who bought it online can play it already?

    more like they should stop releasing games late in Australia?

    Well there goes all those big midnight launches...

    Seriously - why does everything break streetdate these days?

    Not that it's really a bad thing.. unless, you know, you're having a party

    Aww damn it, I was just got back from the damn shops...

      I just got back*

    Just rang my local EB games (in WA) and they reckon even though the streetdate has been broken in the eastern states they still cant sell it here

      I just got a message from my Local EB Games (Midland, WA). It's on sale here too, replacing the message sent earlier today before this one saying it was on sale tomorrow.

    Soooo, no Midnight launch?

      Same here..EB Games swanson st are pouring with ppl getting d copy. I just got mine there..guess its a good thing?

    I just checked both JB and target are no longer selling battlefield 3.

    Anyone know if EB have followed suit?

    hopefully someone finally gets punished for it, i work a games retailer and am sick of this shit, even though i been playing it since monday when i go the stock

      you do realise you playing the game is a street date break....

        Playing early isn't a street date break. SELLING early is.
        If he snuck a copy out of his store then he has effectively stolen the copy and it is not a street date break.
        If a retailer gets their copy 3 days early and staff put it in a console in the store and play it it isn't a street date break either as far as publishers are concerned.

        all staff in all store take the games home early, doesnt matter if they say they dont its about selling the game early. staff are the promoters of the game and should get the privlige (forgive spelling) of playing a title early

          I'm pretty sure the publishers didn't award you that privilege. I might as well say I'll talk it up to people and generate sales (which is probably true btw) so retailers should give me a copy early.

          Also, if you paid for it, and took it home, and you were allowed to do so, that's pretty clearly a street break.


          You're not hired PR, so you're not "the promoters of the game". You're the RETAILERS of the game and the only right you have is to sell the game on to the consumer.

          Also, I'm not exactly sure how this impacts you if you've been playing since Monday? I mean except for bragging rights.

          They better not use those single-use codes.

          Having said that I have a friend who works in a JB and his XBLA status reads like a new release schedule.

    C'mon Harvey Norman, break street date :D

      Harvey Norman has broken street date as well. Picked up my copy just before

    I got my PC copy today in the mail from EB (all the way out here in Longreach, no less) - and I can't play because of Origin's Release Date Authenticator.

    It annoys me that people are playing the 360 and PS3 versions, and EA's do-nothing storefront is keeping me from playing a game I have the physical copy of.

    not in VIC broadmeadows

    Am I missing anything if I don't go to the midnight launch at Knox? I've never been to one before.

    Currently waiting on EB to call me back and confirm re whether they're following suit.

      Most midnight launches are nothing special other than meeting other like minded folk who really, *really* want the game (and the occasional off-gamer smell).

      Outside of that, unless you go to a major launch space (ie. Swanston St store), all you're really getting the privilege of is getting the game as soon as possible.

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