Battlefield 3 PC And Xbox 360 Still Struggling With Server Issues

A flurry of tweets from the official Battlefield 3 Twitter accounts lets everyone know that they are aware of the network issues plaguing the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The team said in separate tweets that they are working to resolve network service issues affecting the PC version and are aware that they are experiencing problems with their 360 servers.


    Thats the problem with making the games core UI (you know, the bit that you open to choose what kind of game you wanna play) a ^*%&$! website. It requires a constant server connection for anyone to play so if the servers go down everyones game is unplayable.

    I'd write this one down as a SNAFU. Situation is Normal, All is F&^$ed Up.

      'Scuse the self reply. But i'l also point out that once the trolls over at 4chan realize that if they DDOS the battlelog website BF3 will be unavailable for everyone, all hell will break loose.

    A flurry of tweets from the official Battlefield 3 Twitter accounts lets everyone know that they are aware of the fact that they released a new Battlefield game onto the PC and Xbox 360.

    I thought there was a beta *cough demo cough* that was supposed to prevent these issues?

      You're hugely overestimating DICE's abilities. They can't even work out a decent UI, what hope do they have of learning from a beta?

        probably should have spent some of that massive marketing budget on the game?

    PS3 (H)

      The PS3 version still has major MAJOR issues. The voice chat is completely hopeless, I can hardly hear anyone - it is all broken and cracked up. When I try to join a friend it reports that it can't find the game or it no longer exists, even though they are sending me invites and are currently playing. The queuing system is hopeless, it only seems to queue me every now and then, not on all rooms.

      Sometimes I join a game only to be kicked out after the loading screen. I try again and I join successfully.

      This is fundamental stuff that SHOULD work. Gears of War 2 got it horribly wrong. Gears of War 3 got it right. It's not that hard with a bit of effort. If Cliff "loves tight buns" Blezsinski can get it right, DICE can get it right.

        For a good 36 minutes, I was king.

    if anyone is having graphics relateed crashes etc make sure to reflash the bios of your graphics card. worked a treat for me havent crashed since. available from your manufactures website eg asus/gigabyte/evga etc

      Re-flash the GPU bios just for one game? If that's what it take, I'll stay away thanks.

    well this is what you all get for playing the same crap year after year & not supporting new original titles. Suck shit!

      What have new original titles got to do with this?

      They still have the same problems. You think call of duty is original? jesus... you are sadly mistaken.

    I have had zero issues on the 360. Don't know what they are talking about?


      Played 4 hours last night and had one drop (which, tbh, happens on plenty of MP games that aren't on day one)

    so frustrating, on my 4 day long weekend that ive been looking forward to for months...

      Go out and enjoy the sun. You know what that is?

    Works flawlessly for me, PC version.

    I've played a good 2-3 hours every night since release and haven't had a single issue on the 360.

      What do you mean 1 or 2 hours every night you've only had it 1 day.

    I'm encountering no issues on 360.

    Wel, aside from my shithouse playing skills.

    looks like pirates win again.

    that cod moden warfare 3 99p deal is starting to look good now.

    I've got it on 360 - had a few lag filled matches last night. I was being teleported a few feet back from my original position, enemies would suddenly appear in front of me (I don't think it was the random spawning), and a few running on the spot moments. I also had trouble sticking with my squad, we'd join up in the menus, jump into a game only to be separated, only happened twice though. All in different lobbies and game modes.

    So wait, pay for online with 360, servers don't work.
    Don't pay for online with PS3, servers work.

    So what are 360 players paying money for again...?

      We are paying for peace of mind that our personal information won't be stolen.

    Wait a minute...

    'They are working to resolve network service issues affecting the PC version'. That's good.

    They are 'aware that they are experiencing problems with their 360 servers.' Not so good. Are they 'aware' but not doing anything about it? Or is it just a strange way of phrasing in the Kotaku article?

    I've got a massive problem, when I try to load Battlelog it cames up with "Internal Server Error". I've got a thread going on the EA forums, a "developer" said they're looking into it but that was hours ago with no more communication..


    anyone besides me got the problem that it it always freezes after loading something, this happens to me all the time on disc 2 is it the disc or is it my xbox or ea?

    I have the PS3 version so some of the issues above do not affect me...but there are problems across ALL platforms. Voice chat sucks at the moment, it refuses to keep Squads together, and I am hoping that the lack of available servers for Australia will work itself out, either by demand dropping off or more servers coming online. I would prefer more servers though. Other than those issues for me, once I get a in a game its all good. I put 20hrs of multiplayer in over 3 days :-)

    Played fine for the past 5 days, today my 360 wont connect says its ahving server issues and to check my network, but i can change my outfit and look at leaderboards

    what they heck!

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