Battlefield 3 Tanks Invade London’s Rush Hour

Battlefield 3 Tanks Invade London’s Rush Hour

A line of commuter-transporting, 14.5-tonne tanks took to the streets of London earlier today to carry commuters to work and celebrate the release of Battlefield 3 in the UK.

The “tanksis” didn’t charge any fares for navigating the packed streets around Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, and Buckingham Palace.

“Tanksis have been brought to the Capital to make the urban battlefield that is London’s roads more of a joy than the daily chore they currently are,” said Electronic Arts’ Tom Goldberger. “We wanted to launch Battlefield 3 in style and are looking forward to ferrying excited game fans and commuters around the city today.”

Battlefield 3 hit the UK today on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


  • That’s pretty awesome, even though the people driving regular cars, rushing to get to work will think otherwise.

    • @NotFrank:

      Tank =/= MBT. It could easily have been a Scorpion light tank (8 tonnes), a Stingray light tank (22.6 tonnes) or even a Sprut light tank/tank destroyer (18 tonnes). As it happens, the vehicle in question *is* a SPG, a FV433 Abbot SPG as it happens, and you can tell that by the muzzle brake and the fact that the barrel is secured during transit.

      The reason that it’s so light is because it’s based on the lightweight FV430 series of AFVs, not because it’s a SPG. Modern SPGs, like the PzH 2000, can weigh almost as much as a MBT (the PzH weighs 55.8 tonnes).


      The Challenger 1 might be able to squeeze onto the road, but it would have been pushing it a little. Of course, it would probably have damaged the roads as well, but I’m pretty sure that it would still have fit. The Challenger 2, on the other hand, is a real beast and would have needed two lanes. It’s probably the most massive modern MBT in existance.

  • What better way to celebrate the release of a game than to flood the streets with a tanks stinking exhaust and slow down traffic.

    With all our mechanical technology available you’d think they would fix the amount of co2 which is released from the beasts.

  • Maybe they should have spent the money on more servers, on my ps3 Iv’e been gettin “lost connection to ea online” error message for 2 days.

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