Battlefield 3 With And Without The HD Pack: A Comparison

So you might have heard about this little game called Battlefield 3. You may also have heard that the 360 version launches with an install option that allows for better textures throughout the game. In this handy comparison video, we get to see the difference that installing the HD pack makes. Seems pretty substantial.

I often find that these vids are difficult to digest, mainly because they're uploaded in low res on youtube - hardly premium conditions to make an informed decision. But even on youtube you can see a clear difference. Time for me to start deleting some of those crappy demos on my old 20GB 360 hard drive. Daddy needs some space for textures.

Thanks Steven!


    I had to watch that on my SGS and I couldn't tell the difference (obviously).

    Where were the most obvious, visible differences? The road textures?

    Is there a problem that if I wasn't told which one is which I probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference?

    Probably the awful youtube quality. . . doesn't matter me anyway since I'm getting it on PC

    Apparently without:


    It looks great in both. Side by side I'm sure there is a big difference but when your watching one in isolation.... it's not exactly game changing, just slightly prettier. Lets face it, when your playing and there are RPG's flying past your head, your not going to notice or care.

      You will notice, and you will care.

        People will notice, but those who care are usually the ones who judge games by their graphics.

    They looked indistinguishable to me.


    As you said, extremely difficult to make a comparison on a low res video, to be honest i cant really see the difference... to be honest, you need some hires stills to compare...

    Not the best video to choose.

    Here are some stills.

    A much better video, side-by-side comparison. Makes it very easy to see the differences.

    I watched it on the 720p setting and saw a huge difference. Also there looked like there was heaps more screen tearing without the HD pack.

    I found it easy to tell the difference in some spots. The non--HD version looks like texturing from the N64 days! Lucky I"m playing on a PC, anyway.

    really hard to spot differences by themselves, but having a look at the side by side compaison and stills, and my god how much of a difference it makes, such as a person not having eyes in SD. Cant imagine anyone wanting to play this in SD...its just not....right

    Wow its very easy to see the difference, watch in 720p

    The textures are horrible without install

    Not picking this up on the 360, but while those stills looks significantly different, in video the differences appear to be fairly marginal.

    Perhaps I just need to watch on a bigger screen.

    Bit irrelevent for me to complain and stuff though. Skyrim comes out soon! Whoo!

    unnecessary "fuck this fuck dat" total turn off

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