Battlefield 3's Caspian Border, Open To PC Beta Testers

Battlefield 3's Caspian Border, packed with vehicles and jets, is getting one last test before the open beta shuts down.

Developers DICE writes on the Battlelog blog that they're opening up the map this weekend to do some load testing using 64-player matches.

Do keep in mind that this is a beta and a stress test, so it is likely not going to be the smoothest online gaming you've participated in.

"As we are again specifically testing 64-player server configurations, this test will be for PC only. The Caspian Border servers will be available for all PC players to join. Caspian Border will be available starting Friday, October 7, in the afternoon (CET)," according to the blog post.


    cool even if this is laggy and buggy I will still check it out just to have a look.
    let's see if these posts can stay troll free lol........

      but such a beauty of a bridge...

    I'd rather not use origin, thanks.

      Whats your problem with it?

      I've run it for months even before BF3 beta was out and i have had never had strange emails ect ect tin foil hats.

      It uses less resources than steam, and imo they load in the same time.

      browser-based = fail

    No lag here. I just d/ced a few time for no reason though.


    Time to start playing the Beta again, I was getting bored of Metro.

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