Battlefield 3's Many Deaths By Blow Torch

There is no more ignoble a death then one delivered at the hot end of a Battlefield 3 "repair tool". It's not just that it's a silly way to die. Death by repair tool takes some patience by the would-be killer and a deep sense of disregard by the intended victim.

I mean, how do you not notice that someone is burning a hole completely through your body with a blowtorch?


    do the defibulators still kill? pretty sure they didnt in the beta the few times i tried

    Sigh, still very humiliating, but why did they not keep the drill. So much more humiliating that you snuck up on someone and "tooled" them from behind.

    Over 1k tool kills in BFBC2 for me!

    At least it isn't as obvious as it doesn't make as much noise.

      loved the sound of drill on skull/helmet

        There's no more glorious a sight in BC2 then a drill wielding engineer emerging from a smoke cloud to take a bunch of enemies down before disappearing again like a ninja.

    Very nice indeed! He did well - I seemed to spend most of my time on BF3 running around not being able to find anyone to shoot.

    Yeah.. got a few defibs in the beta... was buggy like the knife though.. so was a hit and miss...

    Not as awesome as viking bot!

    I torched some dude that was in the middle of planting C4 on my tank!

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