Battlefield 3’s Vehicles Seen On A Triple-Screen Display

Battlefield 3’s Vehicles Seen On A Triple-Screen Display

We’ve got this massive three-screen Nvidia set-up sitting in the offices at Gawker. It’s only visiting, so we’re making the most of it. Today that means a lot of W-I-D-E-S-C-R-E-E-N Battlefield 3 gaming.

Here’s a quick montage of what some of the vehicles look like when played super-sized. Oh, also a knife kill spread across three screens.

This is, I’m told, using a display setting of 5760X1080.


  • im sure the camera doesnt do it justice, side screens look different colours, gamma etc. does it actually give more screen or just stretch the current screen?

  • That’s pretty godamn immersive. Gotta love that framerate too, reminds me that I’ve gotta save up to make a new rig capable of running the game the way this guy was doing.

    On another note… Who the hell edited the music into that video? It made me want to tear my ears off my head.

    • It’s for the sake of ease on the eyes, having them at that slight angle makes it so headaches are non-existent.

  • I have a simalar setup at home, you can adjust the screens to remove borders on display but sitll looks diffcult, and trying to find screens with little to no boards is hard, but afte ra while of use you tend to not look at boards and just look at the game.

  • Brian, are you able to give us a rundown on the full specs of the machine?

    its a pity you cant run more then 2 displays in sli mode…

    • You’d be running one graphics card for each monitor. Depending on what graphics quality it’s at you’d be looking at 3x 560’s or 580’s probably and that’s at the res stated above. If you were to go to 30″ with x1600 I’d be expecting a beast of a machine.

      • yeah im aware of that, im running a tri sli setup myself comprised of 3 gtx 280’s… was just curious about that particular machines full specs list.

    • likely it is eyefinity on one (maybe 2|) ati graphics card. (i think nvidia can do it too) I ran 3 monitors on my single 6850 no problem. Only way to play dirt 3. 🙂 Very easy to setup.

  • This is something I’m working towards now at home but with eyefinity. I’ve seen it live and been able to use it as well.

    So looking forward to it in the next month or two. 3 x 30inchs big enough you think?

    • I’ve also asked Kotaku to do a piece on this as well, informing us what is the best monitors to use that have slim bevels and what stands are out there that can be used. I’ve only found one place that does 3x monitor stands and they are in Australia.

  • I’ve got a Eyefinity setup at home. Dell U2112HM x 3 running off of two AMD HD6950s in Crossfire.

    The three monitor setup is great when a game supports it well. DICE has great support for triple monitor gaming. Playing BF:BC2 and MoH on three screens is fantastic.

    Noticing the borders becomes a non issue when you get used to having the centre monitor as your focus and the two side monitors as just a Situational Awareness/Peripheral vision aid.

    However…when a game has poor or no support for three monitors…its a nightmare.

    The HUD ends up sitting on the ends of the side monitors, which usually requires a lot of game file fiddling to fix.

    And if its not the HUD and other UI elements being throw out of whack…its the Field of View (FOV)…

    With a resolution of 5760×1080 or 1200 you end up having a lot of fish eye effect on the side monitors unless you can adjust the FOV setting. In Source games, your FOV is locked to 90 degrees. That’s fine for a single monitor…however at 5760×1080…if you have someone standing right next to you in your field of view across three monitors…their character and anything next to you is so distorted that they look like they are about to jump out of the monitor and at you…when they are really about a foot away if you look right at them.

    This is because most games only render one view port and due to the fact that 3D rendering is done spherically most of the time. Some games render three distinct viewports so your monitors are actually displaying three distinct views that get overlapped.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution boasts an out of the box Eyefinity support…however, the FOV gets locked and is still too low…causing big time edge distortion.

    My advice? Spend your money on a high res (not size!) single monitor or a nice 120hz monitor and enjoy a bigger/more detailed single view or smoother 1080p view.

    The 3 monitor support is still niche.

  • Im running 3×22″ in a 5850..

    Anyone else notice funky lighting issues in BF3?

    I first noticed in in single player, the light flare overlay seemed to stay on screen at weird times.. and I was playing on a city map last night and there is a passageway with strong orangey lights and they looked like tall pillars of light.. kinda annoying..

    That said, I played the SP jet mission last night and with eyefinity it was nothing short of epic..

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