Behold: A New Rubik's Cube World Champion

Last weekend, a new Rubik's cube world champion was crowned in Bangkok. Polish speedcuber Michal Pleskowicz won the event by completing a Rubik's Cube in 8.65 seconds, almost a second faster than the first runner-up, American Rowe Hessler, who clocked in at 9.56 seconds.

Good gravy. That is some fast 'cubing. The event was held at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok, and hosted over 350 competitors from over 40 countries. The championship took place over a number of different events with a number of different cubes, with timed events, number of moves, and more. The full list of events can be found on the championship webpage.

I'm surprised that there wasn't a category for solving Rubik's cubes one-handed while playing Guitar Hero. I bet these guys could hack it. And while we're talking Rubik's Cubes, check out this video of Yumu Tabuchi solving 5 Rubik's Cubes in 1:52.

Hey actually, let's watch that video:

Holy crap!


    It was a terrible video until the crazy frog soundtrack came on.. now all is right in the world.

    The fastest single cube solve is 5.66 seconds by a 15 year old kid from Melbourne names Feliks.

    Pfft one handed rubiks cube solving... I can do it with just using my chest hairs.

    Altho, a Lego constructed, Galaxy S II controlled robot is faster still...

    That's nothing, I've never been able to solve a Rubik's Cube... bet these people can't top that!

    Oddly enough, I can smash the Rubik Clock that was released (aligning 18 Clock faces on 2 sides).

    So... Kirk. New world champ, eh?

    Tell us, where do you get your disinformation?

      He was the winner because his average was 8.65, across 5 solves. he posted 2 times 7.68 amonst that 5.

    This article is derp, WR is 5.66

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