Beleaguered Final Fantasy XIV Reborn With Version 2.0

Beleaguered Final Fantasy XIV Reborn With Version 2.0
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Online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV‘s launch was an enormous disappointment. Not only did Square Enix president Yoichi Wada apologise for the game, boot the original team from the project, he also said FFXIV damaged the Final Fantasy brand. That may change, because today, Square Enix is relaunching the game as with a Version 2.0.

“In the 10 months since the Final Fantasy XIV team’s restructuring, we have put forth the utmost effort into not only improving the game’s existing features, but also creating a concrete plan to outline the game’s new direction,” Yoichi Wada wrote on the game’s homepage. “Today, I am pleased to announce we can confidently present that plan to our customers.”

First up? Billing! For over the past year, Square Enix has had an “unbilled period” for the game, meaning that the game, broken as it was, didn’t have subscription fees. Square Enix waved those while it worked on the game.

“We are prepared to advance to the next stage of FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s life, confident that we can provide a service worthy of the FINAL FANTASY name.”

“The ideal that we have for Final Fantasy XIV, however, is extremely high, and we are aware that all of the following changes are still required to achieve the desired quality of service-redesign and restructuring of server layout and operation, overhaul of the user interface, reworking the design and specs of in-game areas, and vast upgrades to the player community systems,” notes the game’s official site. “As we move closer towards this ideal, and as the operation of the game, the regular updates, and the development of the new Final Fantasy XIV continues, we will introduce our subscription-based billing system.”

Square Enix is planning to integrate the PS3 version into FFXIV sometime between Oct. and Dec., allowing players to perserve their PC avatars. This process involves switching client servers and transferring large amounts of data. After this is completed, a second free trial will be offered for players to check out.

The exact day that the new FFXIV will be available for download will be revealed at a later date.

“We are prepared to advance to the next stage of FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s life, confident that we can provide a service worthy of the FINAL FANTASY name–a service that includes both content-rich updates and the renovation of existing features–and take full responsibility for all that entails,” wrote Naoki Yoshida.

“I promise that we will continue to give all Final Fantasy XIV players our full attention as we do everything in our power to provide a high-quality service, and as such, would like ask for your continued encouragement and support.”

Version 2.0 [The Lodestone]


  • Big Waste of money, while yes they would of blown millions initially, they have just burnt a tonne more fixing the game which is going to massively struggle to charge subs now. They should of killed the project 10 months ago, but since they have invested more money they really have no choice but to go Free to play and basically pray that players give it a go because everyone knows that SWTOR is basically going to be the last successful sub mmo.

    • The trouble is that so many people, so many stupid, stupid people, will only look at the game once and that’s that. It’s really disappointing after seeing the large amount of effort Square Enix is putting into FF14. I didn’t play the first ver, but I’m willing to check out the update on release. I think it has a lot of potential but people need to stop expecting absolutely everything to be flawless on launch.

  • I was really excited about this and would have jumped onboard on day one – if it was available for PS3. Almost a year later and still no PS3 release? C’mon guys, you’re insulting your PS3 fanbase. I know it’s due for release, but my excitement has had a year to lose it’s edge.

    • PS3 version would have been out a few months after PC version if it didn’t apparently bomb so badly. I can see the final ver 2 being close to simultanious.. maybe a month gap?

      • Actually it was technical limitations/issues that caused the indefinite postponement of the PS3 release.

        The game, as beautiful as it is, just was not designed optimally and because of this, even high-end systems struggled to churn out decent frame rates on high settings.

        What 2.0 will bring with it – as stated in the roadmap – is a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, to allow better scalability and support for a wider range of systems. This will then allow them to bring it across to the PS3 as they had originally intended.

  • The moment they start charging fees, the game is over. Servers are ghost towns as it is, and people who felt betrayed by the release version and left aren’t coming back. Charging fees will only make the remaining players leave to other upcoming games that will have had successful launches. Not one game in the history of MMOs became successful after initial failure.

    As for the PS3 version, launching a beta in late 2012 and the full version in 2013 is ridiculous. PS4 should be around the corner if not already released by then.

    • ^ This. FFV13 has been on the shelves for the longest time and is one of the only games to ever exist completely in video/trailer format. Barely any real glimpse of gameplay yet either…

      Instead of spending unnecessary time and money on a failed MMO, shouldn’t they pool in their resources to make FFV13 the best FF-based game they can instead of rush out another entry? Maybe it’s just the frustrated fanboy in me that’s been wanting to have FFV13 see the light of day for years now but I don’t see why they should go and restart that FF14 if it was a huge disappointment.

      • Nomura did say that they’re going to keep FFvs13 as mysterious as possible so don’t expect too much content until it release, might be a trailer or two

  • So they’re now re-launching a game that’s 12 months old, with a few patches to “make everything better”, just ahead of the launch of SW:TOR and Guild Wars 2.

    Throwing good money after bad.

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