Best-Ever Zombies Ate My Neighbours Arcade Machine

Frankly if you're not, right now, building your own paper-mache arcade machine to house a ZSNES-powered laptop to play Zombies At My Neighbours, then you're doing something horribly, horribly wrong.

It would be an understatement to declare myself inadequate as both man and gamer after seeing this gorgeous monstrosity, constructed by Reddit user "resslx" for an upcoming Halloween shindig. Can you believe it's just five cardboard boxes on a black filing cabinet with two coats of suitably fearsome spraypaint? Oh, and all that paper-mache business.

Hit up resslx's blog at the link below for a slightly longer explanation than what I've posted here.

[Rezlmix, via Reddit]


    Can I still eat my neighbours if Im not a Zombie? Can I atleast search thru their rubbish for gold, and save their cat from dangerous situations? Fold their washing for them while their at work and leave it on the doorstep with a note that says "Guess who?"

      "Can I still eat my neighbours if Im not a Zombie?"

      Only if they fancy you.

    Yeah, why restore a old cabinet or build one from scratch when you can make one out paper mache and use a laptop...........and a widescreen lcd. Real authentic. Screw wood and a crt! hur

    I love that man, used to played for hours on my Megadrive until I completed the whole game using only 1 life.

    I would play it again, if I can get my hands on it again.

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