Big Weapons. Skimpy Outfits. Nerd Chaos.

Big Weapons. Skimpy Outfits. Nerd Chaos.
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Two words: fan service. Queen’s Blade not only features some of the most famous females from frighting games, it features them in revealing poses. So you can imagine what Queen’s Blade cosplay looks like.

Queen’s Blade was originally a Lost Worlds style “combat picture book game” and has been published in Japan for the last couple of years. Queen’s Blade features only female characters, and its spin-off series Queen’s Gate has showcased the likes of Iroha (Samurai Shodow), Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters) and Dizzy (Guilty Gear).

It has gone on to spin off a slew of figurines as well as video games.

The annual “Queen’s Blade Matsuri”, or “festival”, was held in Akihabara. Fans gathered to battle each other in card ganes, buy lewd Queen’s Blade goods and ogle Queen’s Blade cosplayers.

That’s Yuuri Morishita reprises her cosplay of Queen’s Blade character Airi.

If you are wondering if that is a small child you see with a cosplayer, it appears that it is. That, or a very short adult dressed as one. You never know with these cosplayers.

「クイーンズブレイド祭 in AKIBA 2011」イベントレポート [Moeyo!]

Top photo: イザワ/Moeyo!


    • Not yet it seems but if we perhaps start a petition it might be possible. Then again, if we stop Bashcraft’s “articles” we’ll feel a great disturbance in the force as if millions of forever alone nerds suddenly cried out in anger for losing fap material.

      • There’s gaming articles and then there is pathetically horny teenage boy articles. Bashcraft is 99% the latter, not the former.

        Remember, most people come to this site for proper gaming related news and articles not spank bank material.

        • Not really.. I’ve read some fantastic articles by Brian that give the sort of insight to Japanese gaming and geek culture that most outside of Japan would not be privy to.. See the article he wrote on Nintendos history as an example. He does a lot of cosplay articles admittedly but I think cosplay is inherently a part of geek culture, at least as much as gaming is – and cosplay is often gaming related. I personally come to Kotaku BECAUSE it covers gaming AND geek culture.
          What I take issue with is that every time Brian publishes an article that isn’t strictly related to gaming, the majority of the comments section reads “blah blah Bashcraft blah blah”, and I don’t think he really deserves that kind of backlash. Call me a Japanophile, but I like what he does most of the time.

          • Pro-tip, if you’re a “Japanophile” then mayhap you could visit one of the many sites and blogs that caters to that or just hit up KotakuUS for his articles. And sure, once in a blue moon Bashcraft will produce an article that’s useful/interesting to the majority and that stuff should be posted on KotakuAU but when the majority of his articles are nothing more than “you can fap to what I fap to” don’t get annoyed when the majority aren’t cool with it. This is, afterall, a gaming news website. Not a softcore porn blog.

  • “features some of the most famous females from frighting games”

    Frighting games? Is that some new genre of survival-horror fighting games?

  • I’m pretty sick of “fan service” being used as code for “peep show”. Also pretty sick of the drooling nerds this kind of crap caters to.

  • Woo, more Ashcraft.

    I enjoy his articles and would like to see more, while they might not always be 100% gaming related, I find them interesting, entertaining and relevant to my interests. The simplest solution for those who seem to hate them is to just not open his articles, you hate them enough to know what to expect, why subject yourself to them, then?

    It might just be me, but perhaps the otaku in Kotaku is more than just coincidence?

  • I’d just came here for the p…article… >>

    @ Chazz, I’d just read this with a big bag of salt next to me. It’s just harmless fun unless you’re offended with jiggly boobs….

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