Blizzard Starts Teasing StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm's New Units

Changes are coming to the multiplayer side of StarCraft II when the game's next expansion, the Zerg-focused Heart of the Swarm, arrives sometime next year. Today, Blizzard offers us our first, unclear look at one of those changes — a new multiplayer unit.

Pictured above in silhouette form is one of the new multiplayer units coming to the Terran faction. Blizzard will continue to tease new units for the Zerg and Protoss on its StarCraft Facebook page, the company says, unveiling "the rest of the new Heart of the Swarm multiplayer units and abilities" at this year's BlizzCon in late October.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm's single-player potion will also undergoing some major changes, which you can read about here.




    Blizzard is making the Terra-Tron!

    Current thinking over on /r/starcraft is that it is a transformed Hellion.

    The ankles and shoulders look like the wheels from a Hellion, the gun up the top is definitely the flamethrower and the shields on the arms look like they might be side panels.

      Someone has editing the brightness and the contrast of the picture to get this image here, which shows more details.

      The shield looks identical to a Marine combat shield (this is summarizing the post with the edited picture) and the turret up top is slightly different from the gun on the Hellion.

      I'm liking the transformed Hellion idea - although maybe it's the other way 'round and it's actually a new infantry unit that can tranform between legs and wheels for firepower vs. mobility?

      I believe you're onto something. Perhaps its a way of upgrading your Helions into heavier units. A bit like corrupters --> broodlords. My only trepedation really is why? Even in later game they can still perform well if enemy light units are on the field and why trade their speed (a valuable asset to their targets) for something that looks more heavily armored and probably slower.

      So what unit doesn't get used much? hmmm. Reaper. Some still use'm as a quick scout but usually only make the one and thats it. Something to tech them up to being more useful could be more valuable to the Terran arsenal.

    Who's that Pokemon?

      It's KOFFING!

        IT'S PIKACHU!


    Weaponised Wall-E!

    The "head" reminds me of this guy:

    H.O.T.S. : overdue!

    Dude... It's the Terra-tron. Blizzard just trilled you guys something fierce.

    one would think the best thing to defeat a zerg swarm is a remote control SCV with a giant alarm, Gauss rifle and a nuclear weapon attached on a dead man switch.....

    so dats my guess ^_^

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